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Is The ColdWave The Easiest Iced Coffee Maker Yet?

Coldwave Iced Coffee Chiller

We’ve all had the experience. You’re craving some iced coffee and decide to make some for yourself at home…so you fire up the coffee maker, brew a pot, and then try various methods of chilling it – ice, cold water, cream. But none of them really work…and leave you with a watered-down, less-than-enjoyable drink. So now, you reach for the Coldwave.

The Coldwave is the beverage chiller and iced coffee maker contraption that makes it ridiculously easy to make perfect iced coffee in as little as 2 minutes – without watering things down, spoiling the rich coffee flavor, or fumbling with frozen coffee cubes and ice trays.

Here’s how it works.


The 16-ounce pitcher comes with a removable insert that is essentially an array of white plastic tubes full of water. You stick this insert in the freezer until the water has turned to frosty cold ice. Then, whenever you’re craving some iced cold coffee to cool yourself down on that hot summer afternoon (or whenever), just pour some strong, fresh-brewed coffee into the pitcher, take the insert out of the freezer, and pop it there.

The evenly-distributed frozen tubes will chill the hot coffee down to drinking temperature within 2 minutes- with zero melting cubes or watering down to a lukewarm, insipid flavor. It really is that easy. Pour into a glass with a few cubes and you’re good to go.

You can use the Coldwave for a lot more than just coffee, too. Iced tea, white wine, whiskey…heck, even beer. Whatever you need to get down to chill temperature within seconds; it’ll take less than 30 seconds on room temperature drinks.


It’s dishwasher-safe, BPA-free and easy to use. Refilling and refreezing takes less than 1 hour. It’s not the prettiest solution…but it’s a practical one that will make your summer iced coffees just that much satisfying.


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