Main features of Cold Steel Chaos Knife:

  • Double-edged fixed blade
  • Overall length: 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 17 ounces
  • SK-5 high carbon steel blade
  • Corrosion-resistant and razor-sharp
  • Reinforced aluminum D-ring guard
  • A rugged and adjustable sheath

The modern battlefield requires various equipment, but a capable knife remains an integral element in any soldier’s kit. Combat knives can save lives, but they can also take them and spill blood since these no-nonsense blades are no children’s toys.

For that reason, it’s essential to buy the best combat knife on the market, and Cold Steel Chaos Double Edge Knife is an elite model. It comes highly recommended, but we had to put it to the test and see how it behaves in action. Here’s what we learned.

Cold Steel Inc.: Dedicated to Creating the Sharpest Knives

As the name suggests, Cold Steel Inc. focuses on transforming shapeless pieces of steel into super-sharp works of art. Adopted by the military, law enforcement units, self-defense professionals, and emergency services personnel, Cold Steel knives are among the world’s strongest and sharpest.

Over the last three decades, this Texas-based company climbed through the ranks and grew into a market leader. As expected, the secret to success was hard work, but Cold Steel also invests heavily in innovation and research. Hence, their trademark blades are durable, easy to use, and hair-splitting sharp.

Of course, the same philosophy applies to Cold Steel Chaos, an eye-catching double edge knife packed with features.

How to Find the Best Combat Knives?

To some people, knives can seem like an outdated weapon, but fighting knives can play a significant role in the era of push-button weaponry. After all, military units worldwide carry knives and similar tools, but it’s crucial to find the best options out there.

Namely, combat knives are versatile, and you need to choose the suitable model for the intended use. For example, some are more effective at close-quarter fighting, while others focus on survival and perform best as a part of an EDC kit.

Likewise, it’s critical to consider the durability and sharpness, together with the knife’s weight and ergonomic aspects. Finally, the price can also be an essential factor, and buyers should always look for models that provide the best price to value ratio.

Cold Steel Chaos: Inspired by World War II Knives

Thanks to its timeless design, Cold Steel Chaos could be your ultimate battlefield companion. Moreover, it features a shape reminiscent of the famous trench knives from the World Wars. Of course, Cold Steel updated the concept with modern construction and premium materials.

As a double-edged knife, this classic weapon can remove enemies from the battlefield, but you can also use it for repairs or other day-to-day activities. Overall, the knife’s length is 13 ½ inches, with a 7 ½ inch blade. Plus, the bottom of the handle comes with a tapered carbon steel pommel for devastating hammer-style strikes. So, even though it draws inspiration from the classic trench knives, Cold Steel Chaos raises the game to a new level.

Innovative and Creative Design

Speaking of the inspiration for this knife, it’s evident that Cold Steel Chaos is all about ruggedness and effective manipulation during combat. For instance, the full-tang blade features a sharp point for maximum damage when striking or slashing.

As we said, the blade comes in a combo with well-designed D-ring guards to provide a secure grip and protect your fingers. For that reason, you can strike with no fear of cutting your fingers on the combatant’s gear or equipment.

High-Carbon Steel Blade

Overall, the robust Cold Steel Chaos Double Edge Knife weighs around 17 ounces. So, it’s on the heavier side compared to most competitors. But, of course, the weight comes as a tradeoff for high-quality steel, such as the corrosion-resistant SK-5 high-carbon steel used in the blade.

In other words, the 7.5-inch blade is razor-sharp and heat-treated, providing maximum performance in any condition. In addition, it comes coated in black Tuff-Ex, reducing friction and eliminating glare. However, we should also mention that the Cold Steel Chaos is not a discreet knife, and you’ll have a hard time concealing this beast. So, we recommend checking the local laws before heading out with this powerful blade attached to your belt.

An Ergonomic Aluminum Handle

Besides a durable blade, this double edge knife comes with a one-of-a-kind “D” ring guard. As expected, Cold Steel Inc. opted for the best materials, and this element features a reinforced 6061 aluminum. As a result, the handle and the guard will survive a beating, protecting your fingers for decades to come.

Of course, the D-ring guard can do wonders with blocking attacks and reducing damage. But, at the same time, the ergonomic handle offers a secure and comfortable grip with no discomfort.

Secure and Durable Sheath

Like almost all combat knives on the market, Cold Steel Chaos also comes with a super-cool sheath. In this case, the sturdy Secure-Ex sheath features all the bells and whistles you could dream of when heading out into the unknown.

More precisely, the sheath is Tek-Lok and MOLLE-Lok compatible, and it also comes equipped with Cor-Ex belt loops. Likewise, retention straps expand the options for carrying the Cold Steel Chaos, even though most users opt for attaching the knife to the waist belt in the traditional style.

Is It Worth The Price?

Believe it or not, Cold Steel Chaos Double Edge Knife sells for only $59.99, which is a steal if you ask us. High-quality knives at this price range don’t come by often. Therefore, this well-built model offers an excellent buying option for anyone needing an affordable but durable combat knife.

As you could’ve seen from our Cold Steel Chaos review, this field knife combines classic design elements with innovative features. Also, it cuts through anything, and this blade can quickly turn into a lethal weapon. So, use it with caution and enjoy the quality of Cold Steel Chaos Double Edge Knife.