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Coffunity Is The App For Reviewing And Rating New Coffees

Coffunity App

If you like discovering new coffees to add to your kitchen shelf (and we know you do), then you should try out Coffunity. This app is the coolest, easiest way to connect with other coffee lovers and learn more about your coffee – and discover some new ones you haven’t tried before.

Coffunity (we’re thinking that’s a play on “community”) lets you snap a picture of any bag of coffee, upload it, and the app will identify it in seconds and tell you everything you need to know about that roast – origin, grower, roaster, roast level. All the things a coffee lover should know about good coffee. You can also rate the coffee, review it, see what other coffee lovers have rated it, and see tasting notes. Expert coffee reviewers are featured, reviewing and commenting on the best new brews they’ve tried around the world.

There’s all sorts of cool analytical things too; Coffunity keeps track of all the coffees you’ve tried and logged and will actually show you notes and stats about what kinds of coffee you like, where you like your coffee to come from, and then give you some personalized recommendations about similar coffees that you might enjoy.

And since Coffunity is all about bringing coffee lovers together, you can follow and invite your friends, keep track of what they’re drinking, see what they like, and share and recommend roast with each other.

Coffunity was created by Federico Bolanos, a coffee fanatic and world-class barista who trained has several El Salvador Barista Champions and even some World Barista Champions. So, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about coffee and is probably as obsessed with it as we are.

Download Coffunity, and you’ll be on your way to total coffee snobbery.

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