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Looking for Cheap, Good Coffee? Try Coffee Bean Direct

Coffee Bean Direct

The jury’s out: There is no better way to start the day or pick yourself up in the afternoon than with a good cup of coffee – one made with good quality beans and an attentive, precise brewing process. And if you thought that high-quality coffee beans meant paying top-tier prices, think again; Coffee Bean Direct is offering some great beans at rock-bottom prices.

Take this Brazilian Santos, for example – Coffee Bean Direct’s City Roast. It’s a 5-bag that retails for under $8 a pound. To compare, a 12-ounce bag of Starbucks coffee from the local grocery can run you anywhere from $8-$11. More money for less coffee.

Don’t think this is some cheap, weak blend, either. We’ve had it many times, and Coffee Bean Direct knows what they’re doing; it’s a full-bodied, evenly-roasted and quality blend that makes really good cups of coffee. Brazilian Santos is mellow and creamy. If you spend just a little bit more, they have an entire lineup of other really good blends and roasts that are even better – Colombian Supremo being our favorite.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to get really good coffee without breaking the bank (heck, even saving some money in the process) you really can’t go wrong with something from Coffee Bean Direct. The finest roast we’ve ever had? Nope – but that one that smacks its similarly-priced competition out of the water.

Grab a bag on Amazon or head over to their site to sign up for a subscription.

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