What’s to like about CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack:

  • Improved and modern design
  • Two separate compartments
  • A concealed zippered pocket
  • Two zippered mesh pockets
  • A sturdy top grab handle
  • Multi-functional attach points
  • Waterproof and durable materials

Sling bags, aka called fanny packs, reached the top of their popularity during the 1990s. Yet, they’ve made a big comeback in recent years, and this versatile accessory is a must-have nowadays. For that reason, we bring you one of the best sling packs for men in 2022.

The CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack deserves a spot among the elite because of its feature-rich design and durable construction. Of course, we had to see how it behaves in action, so we took it for a quick test ride. Here’s what we discovered.


In a way, CODEOFBELL is a new kid on the block. And yet, it caused a lot of waves in the urban clothing sector by introducing out-of-the-box solutions for carrying daily essentials.

Located in Los Angeles, California, this brand focuses primarily on the American market, but the products are available globally. So, sooner than you might expect, CODEOFBELL will conquer the world as long as they continue putting the same creative energy into the designing process. The X-POD sling illustrates the brand’s philosophy, showing that the urban man’s top priorities are efficiency and functionality.


Besides maximizing mobility, sling bags can be an ergonomic and flexible solution for day-to-day tasks and activities. Yet, finding a quality sling pack for a reasonable price can be more challenging than you think. So, here are the steps to follow to find the best sling bag money can buy:


Even though sling packs have a lower load capacity than backpacks or daypacks, shape and size play a role in decision-making. In other words, you should check these aspects to find a compact and convenient model. At the same time, it should be spacious enough to carry your belongings with no hassle.


From what we noticed, sling packs tend to become a go-to bag for most users. Therefore, finding a durable and resilient sling pack is essential. So, look at the fabrics, lining, zippers, and stitching to find a well-manufactured bag for commuting or other short travels around town.


Speaking of urban traveling, we should also mention the importance of convenience and functionality. Essentially, your new sling pack should offer freedom of movement and mobility while carrying plenty of EDC essentials or other gadgets. Thus, double-check how the bag opens and closes or how much storage space it offers.


Finally, new buyers should consider the cost and see if the sling pack’s price fits within their budget. After all, many high-end sling bags come with over-the-top prices. For that reason, the best course of action is to compare several models to find the one offering the best price to value ratio.


Before we move on to the features and qualities of this product, we should note that X-POD is pronounced cross-pod. In essence, the name shows that CODEOFBELL X-POD stands at the crossroads between a pouch and a full-blown daypack.

So, given that this is a modern take on the traditional fanny pack, you can expect enhanced features and more capabilities than ever before. The X-POD sling bag feels best in the urban setting, where it can be helpful to anyone leading an active lifestyle.


Although CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack doesn’t feature a puncture-resistant fabric, the material will survive plenty of wear and tear. More importantly, CODEOFBELL opted for water-resistant and moisture-wicking materials, making the X-POD sling suitable for any weather.

Likewise, the lightweight fabrics make the overall fanny pack weigh 15.4 ounces. The straps are also sturdy and resilient while being comfortable and ergonomic.


At first glance, the CODEOFBELL X-POD sling pack looks like it has a lot going on because of the multiple straps, zippers, and buckles. However, you’ll quickly see the benefits of the improved design and how this low-profile bag comes with a cohesive and well-planned layout.

More precisely, the X-POD fanny pack comes equipped with expandable compression straps, allowing you to create extra storage space when necessary. Also, the magnetic self-locking buckle on the shoulder strap offers effortless deployment and on-the-go adjustments.

As we already said, CODEOFBELL X-POD is flexible and versatile. Thus, you can wear it in the classic cross-body style with one strap going over the shoulder or as a fanny pack around the hip. Either way, the X-POD model will get the job done and transport your EDC tools, smartphones, and other essentials from point A to point B.


Another area where CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack exceeds expectations is the load capacity. Even though it looks tiny and compact, this model comes with several compartments for carrying plenty of gear or tools.

Namely, you’ll get 2x independent pockets with YKK AquaGuard zippers, with the front expandable compartment. Also, there’s a rear concealed zippered pocket and 2x quick-access pockets on the left and right sides. If that’s not enough, the X-POD sling features two internal zippered mesh pockets.

In addition, we should mention the multi-purpose attach points that expand the carrying capabilities. Admittedly, these attachment points might be suitable for massive loads, but you can connect an LED lamp or a similar gadget.


If sling packs are your cup of tea, you might as well get your money’s worth and buy a high-quality model. From what we’ve seen, the award-winning CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack deserves the praise it receives.

Also, given that it comes at an affordable price, the X-POD model is among the best budget-friendly sling packs out there. It offers more than enough storage space for day-to-day activities in the urban jungle. But, of course, CODEOFBELL X-POD will handle every task in the great outdoors, especially during hiking expeditions or camping trips.