Behold, the latest phenomenon making it’s way around the Internet: Clear Coffee. All the benefits of coffee without the drawbacks.

Drawbacks, you say? Yes, there are some. Now, don’t get us wrong. We love coffee. That’s no secret. But sometimes all we really need is a good shot of caffeine to get us going, and unfortunately, heavy coffee consumption can stain your teeth. Which is why Clear Coffee is on our radar.

Clear Coffee, you ask? Apparently. This drink looks almost like water, but it is actually coffee – sort of. According to their website, they’ve found a brand-new method of processing coffee beans that allows them to make a clear, coffee drink that contains as much caffeine as two espresso shots. Each and every batch is made of fresh, premium Arabica beans, and contains No preservatives, added aromas, sugar or sweetener.

Will it replace our morning ritual of a hot cup? Not any time soon. Are we trading in one of our favorite espresso makers? Never. But if you actually are concerned about staining your teeth, or just want something a little different and convenient, give it a shot.

It’s not available in the US right now, but we’re waiting.