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Chill Out: Make Espro Cold-Brew Coffee This Summer and Beat The Heat

Espro Cold Brew System

With summer around the corner, it’s almost time to break out the cold brew coffee. If you’re still making it the old-fashioned (and cheap) way of just dumping coffee grinds and cold water into a bowl and letting it sit there overnight…it’s time to upgrade. Get a dedicated cold brew coffee system – like Espro – and start making the real stuff.

High-End, Modern Design

The Espro Cold-Brew System is simple, straightforward and efficient – the way good coffee contraptions should be. Its simple look almost belies its modern, efficient design; it’s made from a sleek stainless steel that’s manufactured to all the highest standards of quality and comes with a UV-protected glass growler for brewing coffee into and keeping it fresh for longer.


It uses a two-filter system, which allows the grounds to float more freely and be more thoroughly soaked and extracted – creating a more complete and smoother brew. And it has an auto-lock valve, which keeps air out of the bottle during the cold brew process to maintain better freshness and flavor. The growler cap is airtight, too – for a better seal and fresher flavor.

Espro Makes Easy Coffee

The Espro sure sounds fancy, but don’t sweat it: high-end quality and modern engineering in the details do not equate to a complicated brewing process. In fact, crafting delicious cold brew in this thing is downright easy; just load it with coffee, add the right amount of cold, filtered water, and let it sit for 12 hours. Then…drain into the growler and toss that compostable filter. Enjoy your cold brew over ice and keep cool in the afternoon heat.

At roughly $100, the Espro Cold-Brew System is a bit pricey. But for cold-brew fanatics who have thing for quality, too…we wouldn’t not recommend it.

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