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CeramicSpeed Made A Chainless Bike Drivetrain

CeramicSpeed Driven Chainless Bike

The idea of a chainless bike isn’t strictly new, but it’s yet to be truly done in a way that really works. Until now. This new chainless bike drivetrain from CeramicSpeed does away with chains, derailleur and even any kind of electronic shifter, as you might find on newer chainless bikes. Created by CeramicSpeed in conjunction with the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, this drivetrain is aptly named Driven, and works using a sort of pinion-style driveshaft system, constructed from carbon fiber with a roller pinion on each end; 21 CeramicSpeed bearings send power through the drivetrain to the 13-speed cog in the rear.

This creates 49% less friction than traditional drivetrains, according to CeramicSpeed, as it eliminates the 8 points of friction customarily found on a traditional drivetrain. And for this reason, CeramicSpeed claims it’s the most efficient drivetrain in the world – with over 99 percent efficiency. That’s more efficient than the Shimano Dura Ace paired with CeramicSpeed’s Oversized Pulley Wheel System, which gets about 98% efficiency, and a stock Dura Ace system, which gets about 97%.

No wasted energy, more speed, less-exhausting rides.

Sound appealing? You’ll have to keep in mind that first, the CeramicSpeed Driven will only work on special frames – which at this time, are only spec models and aren’t in production anytime soon. Neither is the Driven – it’s still a ways off.

When it does become available, however, you can be sure we’ll be lined up to get one – and you should too, if you think a couple percent increase in efficiency would do your racing some good.

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