Echo Cordless Chainsaw

The Echo 58V Chainsaw Can Handle the Toughest Jobs

Need a chainsaw? Check out the Echo 58V - an electric, 16” chainsaw from legendary Japanese manufacturer Echo that shreds wood like it's paper.

Vollebak Black Squid Jacket

Vollebak’s At It Again With The New Black Squid Jacket Waterproof Shell

Though we’ve never actually spent the money on one of Vollebak’s crazy creations, we’re always fascinated by whatever crazy new, high-tech, overengineered pieces of gear they are coming up with now.

Oru Kayak Inlet Banner

Oru’s New Inlet Takes Origami Kayaks To The Next Level

If you like kayaking but don’t like the logistical challenges the sport presents, there’s about a million and one reasons to try the Oru origami kayak.


Weekend in Fruita:  A Guide To Colorado’s Unknown MTB Mecca

Moab looking too much like Disneyland these days? Head to Fruita instead.

Best Uintas Backpacking Trips

Best Uinta Backpacking Trips For The Fly Fisherman: Granddaddy Lake, Naturalist Basin, et al.

The High Uintas Wilderness Area is a sportsman's paradise - located just 2 hours from SLC and 1.5 hours from Park City. This 240,000 acre protected area is heaven for any fly fisherman looking to slay trout in the backcountry.

EcoFlow River Portable Power Station

EcoFlow River: Best Portable Power Station For Off-The-Grid Adventuring

You have a need for off-grid power. And lots of it. You just don't want to lug a massive generator around with you. So you get the EcoFlow River instead.

Pelican Dayventure Feature
Food & Drink

With The Pelican DayVenture, You Can Leave the Bulky Cooler At Home

Coolers are great and all, but they’re way too big, bulky and unwieldy for carrying around the great outdoors. Enter the Pelican DayVenture, designed for hands-free operation.

Michelangelo Bike Rack

Michelangelo Is The No-Bolt, No-Screw Bike Rack That Uses Gravity

Most bike enthusiasts agree that a wall-mounted rack is the best go-to storage option…whether to free up vital room in the garage or because they don’t have a garage in the first place.

Causey Reservoir Underrated Paddle Spot

Is Causey The Most Underrated Paddle Spot In Utah? 

When people look for outdoor activities in Utah, they always look for cool spots within a half-hour of Salt Lake City. If you travel just a bit outside of these “boundaries,” however, you’ll find some real gems - like Causey Reservoir. 

Vollebak Carbon Fibre T-Shirt

Vollebak is Making A Carbon Fibre T-Shirt Now, Too

Like High-Tech Clothing? Look no further than Vollebak.