Beard Trimmer

Braun BT3040 Beard Trimmer: Can It Tame Your Mane?

The Braun BT3040 Beard Trimmer is the must have if you sport a classy beard. You get 39 length settings, it's washable, and corded or cordless. Precision!

Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor Gloves

How Good are Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor Gloves? We Think Great!

Our addiction to our technology requires our gloves to be sensor gloves. Outdoor Research Flurry combines quality, fashion, and function in their sensor gloves.

Julbo Trek Sunglasses

Julbo Trek Sunglasses: Optical Clarity in All Sorts of Conditions

The importance of proper sunglasses is immense, especially in the outdoors. Julbo Trek sunglasses deliver optical clarity in all conditions.

KUHL Renegade Convertible Pants
Editors Picks

Kuhl Renegade Convertible Pants: Pants to Shorts, Versatility and Comfort

Kuhl Renegage Convertible Pants are a must for hiking and backpacking. They provide the durability along with comfort and versatility.

North Face Men

North Face Men’s VALS MID WP Hiking Boots: Design and Functionality

When selecting hiking boots, it is recommended to choose design, function, and those in the high-tier category. Your feet will appreciate it.

Darn Tough Micro Crew Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Micro Crew Hiking Socks: Best Socks for Hikers/Backpackers?

When it comes to hiking socks, Darn Tough socks is your go-to brand. The merino wool is perfect for comfort and moisture wicking. Minimize those blisters!

Proof 72-Hour Collection Feature

Wear Proof’s 72-Hour Merino Collection On Your Next Travels

From Nomad Shorts to technical jackets, Proof's entire line is at the forefront of technical clothing. The 72-Hour Merino Collection no less than any other.

slim wallets

Best Slim Wallets of 2020: Preparing for a Cashless Society

Slim wallets are the craze now. After all, we are now moving closer and closer to a cashless society. So why carry your grandpa's wallet? Go slim and stylish with these recommendations.

Brand Spotlight

Rhone Clothing–Made for Men and Women: Brand Spotlight

Rhone clothing is a line that pays attention to details. When you are going to the gym, the office, or just relaxing around the house, Rhone products are top class.


Billfold Wallets–Carry Your Cash in Style With These Fun-filled EDC Gear!

Men's billfold wallets are a hot topic right now. The days of the fat, bulky wallet is out. Today we want style and minimalism. Check out our picks for the top men's folding wallets.