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Get This Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher That Fits Your AR-15

Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher

If you’re looking for something purely fun to add to your days on the range….add this one to the list of Things-You-Never-Asked-For-But-Totally-Want-Anyway. The Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher is exactly what the name implies – a soda can launcher. It fits on your AR-15 like a traditional grenade launcher would. Unlike a grenade launcher however, it is entirely legal (how many laws can there be regarding soda can launchers, anyway?). It also launches a whole array of other items that fit, like tennis balls or paint cans, or even a special grappling hook made by the Can Cannon manufacturer.

It features a gas ported barrel and pressure tube to prevent high pressures from exploding or destroying items in the launcher, and it can launch a regular 12-ounce can up to 105 yards. Blowing up watermelons and other objects just a got a whole lot more fun . . .

But you might be asking…Why? X Products has the best answer for that we’ve seen: simply, because you can. Sounds like a deal to us.  It should work with any AR-15 standard mil bolt and most piston bolts. A hassle-free, lifetime warranty is also included – making the Can Cannon not only a cool toy, but one you can count on, and totally worth the hefty price tag.

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