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These Are The First Wireless Earbuds from Legendary Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Melomania 1

Cambridge Audio is a legend in sound. They may not have the same household name recognition of Marshall or even Bose, but studio musicians and live bands consistently reach for their high-end amps and speakers.

Started in 1968 by a group of students at Cambridge University, their mission was to create the highest-quality audio equipment in the industry. Equipment that allowed you to hear your music the way the musicians intended. Their first product was the classic P40 Amplifier. Their latest? Melomania 1 – their first ever wireless earbuds.

Cambridge Melomania 1

Melomania 1: Classic Earbuds, Latest Tech

Melomania 1 are classic wireless earbuds…with brand-new Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and both AAC and AptX codes for the sharpest in sound fidelity and the most efficient in wireless transmission. Maximum range is up to 100 feet. They use graphene-enhanced 5.8mm drivers to create a powerful and dynamic strength to weight ratio.

The result? Deep bass. Clear mids. Crisp treble.

The Melomania 1 even have Active Noise Canceling, which comes courtesy of their MEMS microphones and Clear Voice Capture (which allows you to make voice calls in crystal-clear sound, with minimal background noise intruding).

As for that ever-present question – how’s the battery life? Solid. The Melomania 1 offer 9 hours of playback from a single charge…and even come with a carrying case with built-in charger (and up to 4 recharges, all built in).

Totally Affordable, Too

Cambridge Melomania 1 2

The best part? These top-notch noise-canceling headphones from a legendary auto manufacturer are actually affordable, tipping the scales at only $129. We’d say that’s pretty reasonable.

If you take sound seriously, we think you could do worse.

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