What’s to like about Burch Barrel V2:

  • A versatile, 3-in-1 design
  • Convenience fuel flexibility
  • Effortless height adjustment
  • Variable heat intensity
  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • A packable tripod with removable legs
  • Double-wall insulation for kid-friendly cooking

If you are ready to try something new and have a unique culinary experience, the award-winning Burch Barrel V2 could be right up your alley. Of course, to help you make an informed decision, we tested this product and checked how it behaves in action.

As we all know, finding durable yet functional outdoor cooking equipment can be tricky. Things get even more complicated when looking for a multi-purpose device, but the guys at Burch Barrel seem to be on the right track. So, let’s see what the formula for success is.


Before we focus on the specifics and examine the qualities of the V2 model, we should say a few words about Burch Barrel. After all, many are yet to hear about this Montana-based brand because Robert Burch founded it in 2018.

In essence, this young company is a family-owned business, and everything started on a family ranch in Big Timber, Montana. According to Mr. Burch himself, the goal is to enhance the outdoor cooking experience and manufacture premium products by combining innovation and traditional methods.


We all want to eat tasty food, but it’s almost impossible to prepare delicious meals without high-quality equipment, especially outdoors. So, to find the best grills, stoves, or fire-pits, consider the following elements before purchasing:


First, check the overall design to see if the unit provides stability and durability, even in challenging environments. A well-built product will allow for effortless cooking in various terrains, and it will handle years of wear and tear with no hassle. Thus, look at the welds or other strategic points to avoid flimsy units.


The second element closely relates to the previous one because materials directly affect the build quality. Therefore, double-check the quality of the materials used in manufacturing a specific outdoor cooking product. For instance, Burch Barrel V2 features high-grade steel and durable aluminum.


For outdoor cooking, mobility and convenience are of the utmost importance. In addition, outdoor-oriented culinary devices and products should provide hassle-free cleaning and heat regulation. So, before splashing the cash, check the overall usability and ensure that the food you prepare never causes unnecessary stress or headaches.


Of course, no one wants to overpay and buy an expensive grill that will burn the burgers every time. For that reason, buyers should always compare several units to find the one offering the best price to value ratio. In many cases, budget-friendly grills, smokers, and fire-pits will get the job done equally well as the high-end models.


Okay, it’s about time we turn our attention to this cool-looking tripod that could soon dominate your patio or the backyard area. At first glance, Burch Barrel V2 looks like a giant outdoor stove, sitting on three legs and having a sturdy, steel body.

However, the eye-catching V2 model combines three culinary units into one portable system: an over-fire grill, a smoker, and a fire pit. Most importantly, Burch Barrel ensured that every V2 that leaves the factory offers maximum stability and longevity. Therefore, you can expect decades of use if you add this impressive combo to your outdoor cooking arsenal.


Since it weighs 65 pounds, the unique-looking Burch Barrel V2 unit is among the heaviest grills/smokers money can buy. The reason lies in the premium materials, such as cold-rolled steel and 304 stainless steel.

Of course, the massive tripod with a 60-inch footprint adds to the overall weight. Then again, this behemoth provides unrivaled stability, keeping the grill level on almost any terrain. Even with the kids running around and kicking at the tripod’s legs, the V2 model will stay in place.


As we said, Burch Barrel V2 combines several products and lets you choose the culinary approach. Namely, you’ll get a fire pit, a smoker, and a suspended grill if you opt for the V2 unit.

This product comes with a lock collar lid and pistol grip sliders for hassle-free adjustments. In other words, you can adjust the coal/fire height even with burgers or sausages sizzling on the grill or hanging above the flames.

Everything about the V2 oozes elegance and simplicity, primarily because Burch Barrel goes above and beyond to combine time-tested elements with innovative features.


As expected, Burch Barrel V2 offers hassle-free heat adjustments. The reliable Trackster rails will let you lower or raise the coal bed, even while cooking. To be precise, the system provides nine height settings on the spiral inside the barrel.

If that’s not enough, the second iteration of the Burch Barrel V series features top and side vents for precise airflow control. Of course, air intake affects heat intensity, and you can even adjust the directional draft with the handy slide vents.


Besides the double-wall design and several cooking options, the V2’s essential qualities would be versatility and portability. Thanks to the tripod system, this unit will not tip over even if you place it on a boat.

On top of that, many components are detachable and easy to pack. For instance, the removable coal pan will reduce the weight and allow you to transport the tripod independently on top of a car.


Admittedly, the only downside to the cool-looking Burch Barrel V2 would be the hefty price. Then again, this unit combines three or more outdoor cooking products, and the cost reflects this versatility. Of course, premium materials always come at a cost.

Nonetheless, Burch Barrel V2 will be a worthwhile investment for every outdoor enthusiast eager to bring friends together and prepare the most delicious meals.