Buick may be more well-known for their classy, luxurious vehicles than their offroad adventurers, but the new Buick Enspire concept electric vehicle looks pretty dang sweet. With a touch of Tesla in there, crossed with a touch of Jaguar or Land Rover maybe, the whole thing looks sleek, modern and stylish. Everything you could want in a sport SUV.

Under the hood, Buick put in a 410kW electric powertrain with a 0-60 of four seconds, paired with a battery that they will say last 370 miles. Impressive for any electric car, but even more so for one of this size. Of course, since they haven’t actually built any of them, and probably won’t, it’s hard to actually test the speed and range. But we’ll take Buick at their word.

It’s too bad they don’t actually plan on producing this car, because it looks really sweet. Inside the cockpit will be some pretty cool tech features, such as the Cadillac’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous system, as well as multiple OLED screens that will display speed, navigation and other info, 5G connectivity so you and your passengers are never disconnected from all your favorite websites. And the seats will “suspended theater-type seating.” And no, we don’t actually know what that means, and neither does anybody else on the Internet. And the interior itself looks sleek and maybe a bit futuristic. We really like that wheel, too.

How would the Enspire hold up off road, were it to actually go into product? We have no way of knowing, but Buick thinks it will do quite well. That would be fun to see in a Tesla/Jaguar/Bentley-cross like this one. Buick says they will produce 20 electric vehicles in the next 5 years, and while the Enspire may not actually be one of them, we’d love to take it for a spin.

Buick-Enspire-EV-Concept-SUV-2 Buick-Enspire-EV-Concept-SUV