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Hold Up. Bugatti is releasing another supercar – the Divo

Bugatti Divo Supercar

Bugatti already lays claim to the fastest cars in the world, with the Veyron and the Chiron, so you’d think they had nowhere else to go. Turns out, you’d be wrong. They just revealed their newest supercar, which they’re calling the Divo, and it looks to be yet another insane supercar with mega-tons of power. A full 1478 horsepower, to be precise – right up there with the Chiron itself.

The Bugatti Divo will run you a pretty $5.8 million, so it must deliver. It features a carbon fiber cooler shroud, with lighter wheels than the Chiron, fixed front diffuser flaps, and cuts even more weight by thinning the insulation and installing an even lighter sound system. As a result, it weighs a whole 77 pounds less. At the same time, they were able to increase downforce from the Chiron’s 807 to a new 1005, creating a car with 1.6 G’s of lateral acceleration; the rear wing is also 23% wider than the Chiron’s. Throw in an even stiffer chassis and increased wheel cambers and this car is ready for serious performance on the road.

The car’s nearly-1500 horsepower come from an 8-liter, W16 engine, which gives it an impressive top speed of 236 miles an hour; it could go even faster without the electronic limiter, but this car is designed to be road-legal. It can tackle the famed Nardo ring in a full 8 seconds less than the Chiron can, despite being 25 mph slower.

So while it isn’t as fast as the Chiron, it is definitely just as sweet-looking and just as cool. And since it’s still road-legal, you can actually drive one yourself. You know, provided you can come up with almost $6 million. Just look at those bright blue racing seats, and start shopping for a second (and third) mortgage.

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