The legendary Bugatti Veyron is known as the fastest car in the world, and Bugatti has just unveiled it’s successor: the Bugatti Chiron. The Chiron may not be quite as fast as it’s older brother, being limited to a top speed of only 261 MPH, but is rumored to actually be capable of about 288 MPH. The Chiron has a 0-60 of only 2.4 seconds, powered by it’s 8.0 liter, 16 cylinder engine ungodly 1500 horsepower, channeled by a 7-speed, dual-clutch automatic into it’s 4 20″ and 21″ wheels. Four turbos deliver maximum torque from 2000 to 6000rpm, and 1180 lb-ft.

On the outside, it’s a sleeker, newer, more impressive looking hypercar.  It’s got a full carbon fiber body, with an independent suspension and a stiffness rating of 50,000 Nm per degree, complemented by LED headlights which double as air intakes. The exhaust is titanium, and there are two catalytic converters and six exhaust exit pipes. The cooling system pumps out 60,000 liters of air per minute, and over 800 liters of coolant. This thing is built to perform.

There are 5 driving modes, Lift’, ‘Auto’, ‘Autobahn’, ‘Handling’ and ‘Top Speed”, all suitable for tearing rubber and asphalt, depending on your personal driving style. The interior is decidedly simple, devoid of any of the fancy features commonly found in other cars. It’s still a treat, though, trimmed with leather and chrome.

The Chiron also improves over the Veyron in the MPG department, coming in at about 8 MPG city and 15 highway. That’s a tiny bit more than the Veyron’s 7 city, but still pretty atrocious. A practical daily-driver, this is not. Good thing you’re not buying it for that, though.

The Chiron starts at about $2.7 million.


bugatti chiron interior bugatti chiron 3/4 bugatti chiron closeup bugatti chiron rear