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Budweiser Prohibition Brew – Beer Retro Style

Budweiser Prohibition Brew - Retro Beer

The taste without the buzz. Budweiser Prohibition Brew is back satisfying that need for the beer taste when you’ve had your intake limit. It’s brewed almost identically to standard Bud and contains all of the same key ingredients. However, everything is identical except the alcohol is removed right at the end.

Have you ever wondered how Budweiser continued it’s brewing operations during the 13-year prohibition period? They never stopped brewing beer. They just evolved. Their brewmasters drew on years of experience to craft  a non-alcoholic beer. It tasted like a regular Budweiser while playing nice with the law.

That’s why it worked.

Now, Budweiser is doing it again. This time by choice.

Because the world needs a non-alcoholic beer with the great taste of beer. You have the Budweiser name to give it credentials. Drink up!

Available in Canada first then the USA. $TBA

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