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Buck Mason Bruiser Leather Jacket: Iconic Style, Premium Build

Buck Mason Bruiser Leather Jacket

From a brand obsessed with original, timeless American style, the Buck Mason Bruiser is a leather jacket that screams iconic motorcycle style. With a look that is 100% classic and 100% American, the Bruiser Jacket is crafted from a soft, smooth, 6-ounce lambskin leather that is rugged, durable and still extra comfortable.

For this jacket, Buck Mason has taken inspiration not just from any leather jackets, but from the most classic of moto jackets. Think Marlon Brando in The Wild One; belted front, slanted pockets and tons of metal hardware and detailing. Throw this bad boy on with a pair of jeans and some classic leather boots. Pair it with a white tee or the most rugged Henley you own. And you’ve got a ruggedly cool, classic outfit you’ll be wearing for years to come.

Buck Mason is based in Los Angeles, where they know a thing or two about classic American style. While some of the leather and materials might be sourced overseas, Buck Mason makes most of their clothing right here in the USA, using a combination of hand-stitching and old-fashioned techniques combined with modern manufacturing.

So if you aspire to put together the most rugged and iconic of American outfits, reach for the Buck Mason Bruiser. You’ll be wearing it everyday, for a long time.

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