The BTR Stool, from Vancouver-based Hillsound Equipment, is the most high-tech camping stool to grace the camping scene in a while.


BTR StooL: Fancy Build, Light Weight

Looking more like a fancy camera tripod than your typical camping stool, the BTR Stool is made from a 7071-aluminum alloy, it weighs in at just 12 ounces and folds down to a compact package that fits in any backpack or exterior pocket. But is capable of supporting weights up to 265 pounds (353 times its own weight).

It uses what they call the PhantomLock; a simple-but-ultra-strong sliding lock that automatically secures the legs when unfolded and slides back when the stool is telescoped down for packing. The mesh seat is detachable, making for easier cleaning or packing as needed, or for easy replacement when it wears out. And there’s an easy hook and strap for attaching to your bag and carrying on the trail. And that’s really all there is to it, as there is really no need to complicate something as simple as a stool.


Two Size Choices

The BTR Stool (BTR stands for Better than Rock) comes in two sizes: the 12.2-ounce 14-inch and a 17-inch, which tips the scale at 13.7 ounces. Both are ridiculously light and easy to carry, whether you’re camping, backpacking or fishing down by the lake.

If you’d like to add this innovative seating option to your kit, you can head on over to Kickstarter and back them now. A basic 14” BTR Stool in Black will run you $50 and will ship in February 2020, while a 17” in Alpenglow will cost you $55.