If you are looking for a pair of the highest quality boots, made using the finest materials and you would be well served to take a look at Brooklyn Boot Company.

There are many reasons why this company’s boots stand out from a sea of shoddily made leather boots. First, they are made in America, in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. That’s a win right there. Second, they offer quality boots at an affordable price by cutting out the middle-man – there are no retailers involved in the process. By purchasing your boots directly from the company, you get to save a good deal of money. They not only take pride in making quality boots, but in the history of their hometown and the history of American manufacturing. All their boots are crafted using the best leather materials available, and given names that are 100% American, like Night Wolf, Barking Roughout, Grey Grizzly, and Bison Pull Up.

Our personal favorite pair is Rough Lands, crafted using real American Bison Pull-Up leather from Colorado, and cut to look like the best of American work boots. Whether you want them to wear with your jeans or your chinos doesn’t matter; they will look great the entire time. They come in a variety of colors, and are as comfy as they are good-looking.

And if you want to go for something a little more casual, opt for the Cooler’s, a tan leather boat-shoe, hand-sewn in Maine that is comfortable, stylish and simply classic. Like the Rough Lands, the Cooler goes well with any dress code, and is a worthy upgrade from those $50 canvas sneakers.

So go ahead and grab a pair of shoes from Brooklyn Boot Company while you can. They’ve got some pretty sweet deals going on right now, too – more than 65& off in some cases.

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