If you couldn’t help but laugh at the name Bripe – well,  neither could we. But this coffee brew pipe is nothing to be laughed at. The winner of the Innovation Award at 2017’s Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, this portable coffee maker is perfectly unique, easy to use and simple to operate- and makes damn good coffee – all at once.

Operation is simple. Just pour in some grinds of your favorite coffee (or tea) blend, add some water, and heat it up with the quad burner jet torch. Within minutes, you’ll have a piping hot shot of coffee ready to drink. Sip through the pipe, and the coffee will automatically filter on the way to your mouth. Neat, huh? There’s a built-in thermometer, for getting your brew just right, and the reusable, stainless steel filter can be switched out for larger and/or smaller sizes, depending on the style of coffee you brew. The insulated cork handle keeps your hands from burning.

Furthermore, the Bripe comes with a pure copper cooling stand with inner cone for fast brewing, and a carrying case. All together, it makes for an ultra-portable, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean kit for brewing coffee anytime and anywhere – whether it’s around the campfire, kicked back by the fire, or chilling outside your local coffee shop with friends. It’s the coffee maker you never knew you needed.

Bripe Features

    • Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe
    • Quad burner jet torch for heating coffee
    • Reusable stainless steel filter
    • Built-in thermometer for precise brewing
    • Carrying case
    • Cork handle for safe handling


  • Place filter in the Bripe
  • Add ground coffee or tea
  • Add water, stir
  • Heat with quad jet torch between 195 F and 205 F using thermometer
  • Stir
  • Cool
  • Drink through stem and enjoy



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