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Can You Train Your Brain With The Brilliant App’s Interactive Lessons?

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Today’s fast-paced knowledge economy values the ability to learn quickly. Quick learning is a valuable skill –and one that doesn’t require any kind of formal training or education. That’s what “brain training apps” like Brilliant are for.

Most so-called brain-training apps consist solely of some games or brain teasers exercises. Brilliant, however, offers more than 50 full-length interactive courses on a wide variety of subjects. We mean quite an array; you can learn anything from algebra and arithmetic to computational biology and quantum physics. Yeah, seriously.

Brilliant also lets you choose your own subjects and make your own custom course. Say you want to work on your math but also want to learn some science. You can take micro lessons in different science fields while focusing on math-related instruction. And there are tons of practice problems based on real-life situations that you can use to hone your skills in either field. Problems are categorized based on difficulty, and Brilliant says each course’s difficulty scales based on how well you’re understanding and mastering the course material.

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The Brilliant app is free to download and free to create your own account, but this only gives you access to a handful of the available courses. To get all 50+, you’ll need to buy a subscription; the start at $24.99 for a month, $120 for a year and $599 for a lifetime subscription.

Brilliant has been featured in some pretty big-name publications and many people really like using it. And since all you need is an internet connection – no books required – you can “train” and sharpen your brain wherever you are. Certainly sounds like a better way to spend your time than playing Angry Birds; give us a shot and let us know how it goes.

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