Wine may be the perfect gift to give your hosts, but what do you give the person who already has all the wine you could need? How about the Breville Sommelier? Decanting your wine allows you to really get the most flavor out of them, and the Sommelier lets you do it in a fraction of the time. The Sommelier uses 90% oxygen, which allows it to decant far faster than the regular decanting process; one minute of oxygen is equal to one hour of traditional decanting, allowing you to prepare entire bottles of wine within minutes. The shape of the hand-finished carafe allows all the wine to be exposed to oxygen – not just the surface – for more even, thorough decanting. An adjustable countdown timer allows you to fine tune and tailor the wine to your exact preferences, based on each individual wine you choose.

The Breville Sommelier also uses a chemical free process that removes impurities, such as air, dust, odors, from the oxygen it uses, along with nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The result is 90% pure oxygen, for pure, fast decanting. So whether you’re opening that expensive bottle of Chardonnay from France, that rare 1977 Cabernet, or just the $5 bottle from the grocery store, the Breville Sommelier will unlock the flavors of each glass and make it taste as good as possible.

Breville Sommelier Features

  • Uses 90% oxygen, removing impurities, dust, odors, etc.
  • 1 minute of oxygenating is equal to one hour of decanting
  • Hand finished carafe ensures oxygen flows throughout all the wine
  • Adjustable time lets you adjust for preferred wine settings


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