Everybody likes pizza. We can likely all agree on that. And as cheap and easy as a $5 Little Caesar’s is, sometimes you just need something a little more…gourmet. When those times call, skip the restaurant and takeout and opt for homemade pizza using the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo.

The Pizzaiolo is a modified model of the Smart Oven designed especially for pizza-baking, with the ability to hit 750F, allowing it to bake an authentic, brick-oven style pizza in as little as two minutes. It accomplishes this using Breville’s Element iQ heating system, which uses a combination of PID temperature control, smart algorithms and deflectors to recreate the three kinds of heat put out by a brick oven – conductive, radiant and convective.

Conductive heat ensures an even temperature on the cooking surface (which is even a corderiete pizza stone) so it browns just right but doesn’t burn, while the radiant heat (coming from “heat intensifying parabolic reflectors”) reflect the heat back onto the crust, cooking it evenly up top and giving it those nice, brown charred spots and maximum flavor. Finally, the convective heat, coming from a deflector shield up top, cooks the cheese and toppings and ensures everything is browned and delicious.

Perfect for almost any pizza. You can select these preset modes, such as Wood Fired, New York, Thin and Crispy and even Pan pizza (similar to deep dish). Or, you can set it up on Manual and control all the heating elements and functions yourself, to make the pizza exactly the way you want it.

It comes in a classic Breville stainless steel finish, which looks right at home sitting on your countertop, and costs a whopping $800. Not cheap, but sure to bring your pizza game to the next level.

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