Main features:

  • Ultra-sharp blades
  • 39 length settings
  • Fully washable (not waterproof!)
  • Works both corded and cordless
  • Two years limited warranty

Facial styling plays a vital role in the representation of a modern gentleman. If your goal is to look classy, a well-groomed beard is a must-have.

To achieve this goal, you will need the right tools. Well, BRAUN is a renowned name in the world of shavers and beard trimmers. So, let’s take a look if BRAUN BT3040 is the right beard trimmer for your needs.

BRAUN – German Quality and Precision

As we all know, German products are famous for being extremely well-crafted. For instance, their cars serve Braun BT3040 Beard Trimmeras an example of the quality of premium products.

Well, BRAUN is also a typical example of a German manufacturer. Believe it or not, the company first appeared back in 1921. At the time, BRAUN was making radio parts and amplifiers.

From its humble beginnings, BRAUN evolved into a multinational corporation that employs 4.000 people. Nowadays, BRAUN is a part of Procter & Gamble, a giant in the world of consumer goods.

What Makes BRAUN BT3040 So Attractive and Appealing?

Braun BT3040 Beard TrimmerOK, now it’s time to get down to business and inspect the features of BT3040, a high-end beard trimmer.

First of all, this model comes with an eye-catching design. The black/blue color scheme is attractive and cool-looking.

However, the heart of any beard trimmer lies in the blades. For that reason, BRAUN has equipped this model with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. As a result, you will not have to worry that the trimmer will tug or pull your facial hair.

Sounds impressive? That’s because it is. But wait, there’s more where that came from.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Believe it or not, you can use BT3040 both as a corded and cordless beard trimmer. In other words, this gadget comes with a battery as well as a cable for electricity.

A convenient LED charging indicator will inform you about the status of the cell. When you leave it to charge for eight hours, the battery can deliver up to 60 minutes of beard-trimming time. Thus, BRAUN BT3040 can also be an excellent option for barber shops and other professionals.

The device is lightweight but sturdy. On top of that, the front part of the beard trimmer is washable. You can clean it with running water, but remember that the trimmer as a whole is not waterproof.

Ultimate Precision

In the end, we shouldn’t forget to mention the impressive precision of the BRAUN BT3040 beard trimmer. WeBraun BT3040 Beard Trimmer say this because this model comes with 39 length settings. The rotary dial provides users with 100% control when it comes to the length of their facial hair.

The length of the hair can range from 1 to 20mm, and 0,5mm steps enable users to trim their beards in various ways. But no matter the style, this beard trimmer will do the job with ease!