Why do we have to take all these extra measures to ensure packages delivered to our house aren’t stolen from the front porch? Have the delivery service hide the package in the bushes, deliver to the office, deliver to the neighbor, deliver to a post office box, etc. One solution is to have Amazon Key…not everyone wants Amazon in their house! A new option is BoxLock Home, a smart padlock designed to work in conjunction with delivery personnel.

BoxLock Home is a relatively simple solution to package loss. All you provide is a locking delivery storage box (you determine the size and exact location) which preferably matches your home decor and an internet connection. Make a one-time purchase of a BoxLock and attach it to your storage box. The delivery driver grabs the BoxLock and presses the button on the top. He then scans the tracking number on your package. The BoxLock will unlock only from scans for packages addressed to you and that are actually out for delivery that day. The driver opens the bin, places your package safely inside, closes the bin, and locks the lock. Once the package is delivered, you will immediately be notified through a phone app of the delivery and that the BoxLock was safely locked.

Another application for BoxLock Home is for pickup services. With the app, you can set up and coordinate a person’s ability to unlock and retrieve the contents in your locked box.

There are no monthly or yearly fees associated with your service. The box is compatible with the following delivery services: Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Don’t let your delivery be one of the 11 million stolen packages a year. BoxLock is nearing the end of the Kickstarter campaign, with the initial goal achieved. Become a backer and expect delivery in August 2018.


Delivery of a Large Box Using BoxLock Home

BoxLock Home Pick Up Through Bar Code Scan


BoxLock Home