OK. We all know giving and sending flowers can be very expensive, but when you want to honor that special person, you will pay any price. Why not honor AND save at the same time. There are subscription services for about anything you can think of—Bouqs Flower Subscription service is one that will bring much happiness to the recipient.

Why join this service? You can customize your delivery dates and not have to worry about remembering to honor the person every month (or on the dates you select). You can even skip months if needed. We all live a busy life so with Bouqs Flower Subscription, you can sit down and schedule deliveries then sit back and rely on Bouqs to do the work. Don’t worry about any long-term contracts either. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Another advantage is you get 20% off and free delivery – watch the savings pile up. There are no middlemen and no upcharges so that’s how Bouqs can offer you the lowest price on the market.

Then the best feature of Bouqs is the quality of flowers. Don’t worry about Bouqs sending inferior flowers. The flowers are cut-to-order, farm-fresh from one of Bouqs’ farm partners. Fresh-cut flowers last longer so that special person will enjoy thinking of you for days to weeks. Your flower options are from three categories of flowers: Farmer’s Market, The Classics, or Roses. Bouqs doesn’t offer any of those cheesy upsale teddy bears or balloons so don’t go to them for such. Can you think of someone to honor? Or what about just ongoing fresh flowers in your comfortable abode?