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Bose’s Wearable Speaker “Form Fits” To Your Neck – Like A Travel Pillow

Bose Soundwear Wearable Speaker

We always manage to stay up to date on our gear, but…how did we miss this? Bose makes a Wearable Speaker and it looks awesome. Actually, it looks like one of those wraparound neck travel pillows, but without the padding. And with built-in Bluetooth Bose audio. Because that is essentially what it is.


The Companion Wearable Wireless Speaker is intended for those who want their own private sound system that picks up and moves with them…but don’t want to enclose themselves in their own private headphone world. Made of flexible, durable silicone and metal wiring that “form fit” to your shoulders; the speakers inside just bend with it, and the neckband stays in the exact fit and position you mold it to. It’s water-resistant – good for fending off sweat – and IPX4-rated; an acoustically-transparent and static-free cover slides over the speaker body for extra protection.

Inside the durable, bendable body are two upward facing speakers, which boom out high-end sound. Bose’s Waveguide technology with digital signal processing ensure the sound that comes out – whether it’s your favorite tunes or a phone call – is as good as home audio gets. The Lithium battery can last up to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge. Control your music and playback settings from the Bose Control app.


If this is the way you like to enjoy your music, you can currently grab the Soundwear Companion for roughly half the price it normally retails. Considering Bose’s reputation for quality audio, that’s really quite the steal.

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