The regular BMW M2, which has quickly become everyone’s favorite M-series BMW, boasted an already decent 365 horsepower, and 369 lb-ft of torque. But BMW decided to go ahead and release an even more impressive version of the M2 – the M2 Competition, which boasts 410-horsepower with a new Bi-turbo inline 6-cylinder engine, and every bit of style found on the regular M2. It’s still got that 3.0 liter, but the new Bi-turbo helps it crank out a full 550 nm, and go from 0-60 within 4.2 seconds. And that’s with a 6-speed manual; you can also choose a 7-speed dual clutch if that’s more your style, with adjustable shift programming.

In order to better accommodate this serious speed, BMW made some welcome modifications to the car itself, too. They’ve given it a new exhaust system, with two electronically controlled flaps that are supposed to give a “distinctive BMW M sound.” The front and rear axles are Aluminum-intensive front and rear axles, stronger and more stable, while the carbon fiber strut brace, borrowed from the M3, adds rigidity in the front. It’s also got recalibrated steering and stability control systems, and an electronic limited-slip differential, ensuring every corner and turn on the track (or the road) is handled with graceful elegance. 19” wheels and M-Sport brakes give it extreme stopping power while adding some extra flash on the outside, awhile fancy new M Sport seats inside with light-up M-series logos make the cockpit experience that much more exciting. And don’t forget all the other goodies found standard on the M2 – What else could you ask for?

BMW says the new M2 Competition will “revolutionize the streets.” We say it looks like a ton of fun to drive. Expect the BMW M2 to hit showrooms this summer, but there’s no word on how much it will cost just yet.

BMW-M2-Competion-Front-4 BMW-M2-Competion-Front-3 BMW-M2-Competion-Front-2 BMW-M2-Competion-Front-1