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BMW Just Released A Wireless Charging Station For EV’s – the GroundPad

BMW GroundPad Wireless Charging Station

Everybody is getting in on the EV act, including BMW – who has decided to go a step further than everybody else and make charging your car easier – and wireless, with the new BMW GroundPad.

Now, instead of having to plug a charger into your car in order to charge the battery, it can be done completely wirelessly, in the same manner as wirelessly charging your phone – through inductive charging.  Just place the car right over the wireless charging pad. Really, it’s that simple.

The new GroundPad can be installed in your garage, and all you have to do is park your BMW in the right position over it, and it will start charging automatically. It can even be set up outdoors, where it is impervious to weather conditions and will charge the car battery whether it’s wet, sunny or snowing.

Parking in the right position is easy, with the GroundPad’s built-in WiFi, that communicates with the BMW’s infotainment system and even gives you an “overhead view” of the car being parked. The parking job has to be accurate, but not precise.

Sound cool? The GroundPad will be included with the new BMW 530E (a 5-series Hybrid) and will charge the car’s 9.2-kwh battery in less than 4 hours, at a rate of 3.2 kw.

Fancy, futuristic, a little luxurious. Sounds like a great way to charge your new 530E.

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