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BMC Speedfox AMP THREE: Electric Mountain Bike From Switzerland

BMC Speedfox AMP Three

Maybe you’ve heard of BMC, the Swiss bike maker with a penchant for beautifully sculpted frames and engineered bikes. (It’s not that there is anything wrong with American bikes, but European bikes just always seem to have that “it-factor” when it comes to design). Well, they’ve recently started to jump onboard the E-bike craze, introducing some new models that may actually put the “mountain bike” into “mountain e-bike.”

Sure, we’ve seen a few motorized mountain bikes. But most of them (not all) are just hybridized bikes with a motor attached to them – not real, ready-for-rocky-singletrack bikes. That’s where the Speedfox AMP Three comes in. This full-on mountain bike combines the full-suspension and ride performance of a true mountain bike (because it really is a true mountain-bike) with a long-lasting battery and Shimano drive unit, giving you an edge on speed and pedaling efficiency.

The Speedfox has 130 millimeters of BMC’s APS suspension system (which stands for Advanced Pivot System), paired with 29” wheels to create a versatile off-road experience. RockShox forks make for a smooth ride, and the bike uses what BMC calls their Big Wheel Concept, “optimizing geometry and cockpit fit” to enhance the “natural qualities” of the 29” wheels. The Carbon and aluminum frame uses a Twin Hollow Tube Technology to increase stiffness while also allowing room to fit the internal battery pack, as well as the internal cable routing.

As for the engine, it’s a Shimano STEPS MTB E-8000 with 250W and 70Nm of output. That’s enough to add a hefty amount of speed to your ride, cut enough a huge chunk of time, or just relieve some of the pedaling demanded. If you’re looking for real singletrack mountain biking with a little added pedaling help, BMC has what you’re looking for.

BMC Speedfox AMP THREE: Electric Mountain Bike From Switzerland BMC Speedfox AMP THREE: Electric Mountain Bike From Switzerland

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