Blitzen might just be one of the most bizarre things we’ve seen – in addition to one of the most inventive. This nifty little device lets you chill your beverages (wine, champagne, beer growler…whatever you’re drinking that night) while driving, simply by mounting it to the roof of your car and letting the cold air. Like we said – bizarre. But also pretty ingenious; no one likes warm wine – and nobody wants to be the one who shows up to the party with the warm bottle.

The design is essentially that of a roof bike rack, but for your drinks; it looks just like a wheel-mounted bike rack and functions very similarly, featuring aluminum rails, cinch-down straps to hold the bottle in place, and 100lb magnets that have been engineered and designed to hold the Blitzen securely to the car when flying around at highway speeds. Those magnets let you literally just attach it to the roof of your car and start driving, and it will work on the magnetic roof of any car. (Apparently Tesla’s don’t count).

To ensure durability as well as safety, and to see exactly how long it takes for a bottle of booze to cool at driving speeds, Deep Local (the Pittsburgh-based brains behind the Blitzen) spend a good amount of time doing serious calculations of factors such as ambient temperature and lateral G Force.

Obviously, it needs to be cold out for this to work – so it may only be effective a few months of the year. But with Fall here and Winter right around the corner, the next time you’re on your way to a party or are having friends over for dinner and need to just grab a bottle around the corner, you can be assured it will be cool by the time you arrive at your destination.


Blitzen-Rooftop-Wine-Cooler-Thing-2 Blitzen-Rooftop-Wine-Cooler-Thing