At some in point in your outdoor career, you’re going to need an emergency jacket – something that can block all wind and rain and keep your warm and dry when the weather turns sour – and even dangerous – unexpectedly. This emergency jacket should also be ultra-light and packable, so as to take up as little space in your pack as possible and keep from weighing you down. The Black Yak Khillari is perhaps the ultimate example of this.

Weighing only 70 grams, the Khillari is an entire gram lighter than its predecessor, the fittingly-named BlackYak Emergency Jacket. That’s 2.5 measly ounces. Designed for stashing away in your pack and whipping out when the weather goes south on the mountainside or out in the backcountry, it crushes down to a ball about the size of your hand. Toss it in your bag and forget it’s there until you need.

This ultra-light weight and packable size is achieved thanks to a Dyneema build. We’ve written about Dyneema being a veritable wonder fabric before, and definitely the outdoor material of the future, and this is just another feather in the stuff’s cap. It’s really the best combination of water repellency, light weight and sheer convenience.

Black Yak didn’t skimp on design either; the Khillari is cut as slim and trim as possible, eliminating all unnecessary weight and allowing you to move without restriction. A purposeful lack of pockets keeps things smooth, while elastic tape keeps the jacket as close to your body as possible. All in all, this thing is really the best combination of water repellency, light weight and sheer convenience.

If you’re looking to get one, it could be kind of hard; Black Yak doesn’t sell a lot of stuff in the US and you’ll have to source it through a retailer in Europe. And if costs as much as the original Emergency Jacket (almost $500), it might be difficult on your wallet too.

BlackYak Khillari BlackYak Khillari BlackYak Khillari BlackYak Khillari