Main features of Black Diamond Stonehauler Duffel Bag:

  • Recycled 1500D SuperGrid fabric
  • Reinforced 1640D polyester
  • HaulLoop secure carry system
  • Removable, padded shoulder straps
  • 2x interior zippered mesh pockets
  • 1x exterior zippered pocket
  • Custom-molded zipper pulls
  • YKK reverse coil zipper

Even though the outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted most of our travel plans, baggage carousels seem to be back at their 100%. Likewise, many people turned to outdoor activities because of the pandemic, boosting the need for dependable duffel bags.

So, if you are in the market for a quality carrier for clothing and equipment, you came to the right place. The award-winning Black Diamond Stonehauler 60L Duffel Bag is a member of a famous series, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice and haul plenty of gear wherever the adventure takes you.

Of course, we tested it for a couple of days to see how it behaves in action. Here’s what we learned.


Founded in 1989, Black Diamond Equipment is an American brand with more than three decades of experience in the business. The company primarily focuses on high-end climbing gear, even though its portfolio includes skiing and camping equipment.

In a way, Black Diamond is all about the outdoorsy lifestyle, with the Stonehauler series leaning away from this philosophy. Nonetheless, this versatile duffel bag will perform equally well in the urban and outdoor setting.


Online retailers and land-based shops offer an overwhelming array of options, making it tricky to buy the best bag for traveling. Nevertheless, by applying the following checklist and considering these aspects, you’ll find the best gear hauler money can buy in 2022:


The overall build quality is the first element to check, so look at the materials and fabrics to find a sturdy and durable duffel bag. Also, check the stitching, lining, and padding because these components will also go through wear and tear during your trips and expeditions.


Admittedly, the looks might not be the deciding factor, but it’s always good to find a bag that suits your overall style. In a way, elegant bags with a sleek and compact shape are always trendy, but your preferences should have the final say on this matter.


Nowadays, we don’t use duffel bags only when going to the gym or traveling home from campus. Modern bags offer much more because they feature various pockets, compartments, or straps. For example, the Stonehauler from Black Diamond also has a padded laptop sleeve.


Last but not least, check the price tag before purchasing to avoid overpaying for your new bag. After all, many premium models come at a hefty price, but even budget-friendly bags could meet most users’ needs. Thus, compare several models to find the best duffel bag in 2022.


After this lengthy introduction, it’s high time we turn our attention towards the impressive Stonehauler series. Overall, the lineup comprises four models, each offering a different volume and load capacity.

We opted to present the flagship 60L version because Black Diamond equipped this model with top-quality features. Admittedly, Stonehauler 60L is the most expensive option in the series, but this duffel bag is worth every penny from what we’ve seen.


We already mentioned that Black Diamond Equipment has decades of experience in the outdoor gear industry. So, it’s not surprising to see that they opted for high-quality, extra-durable fabrics for the Stonehauler duffel bag.

Namely, this model features a 100% recycled 600Dx1500D SuperGrid Body, a resilient yet flexible material. Also, the sturdy Black Diamond Stonehauler 60L duffel bag features 1640D polyester for extra durability and abrasion resistance.

These dependable fabrics make the Stonehauler bag ideal for outdoor adventures and multi-day expeditions into the wilderness. Even though the bag is not waterproof, your belongings will stay protected and organized at all times.


As the name says, Black Diamond Stonehauler 60L offers a massive 60-liter main compartment. The trick lies in the extra width because traditional duffel bags have a narrower profile than the Stonehauler. That’s why this all-around model is ideal for fans of one-bag traveling.

Besides the spacious main compartment, the Black Diamond Stonehauler 60L duffel bag comes equipped with several other storage options. For instance, the padded laptop sleeve features an exterior zipper, allowing you hassle-free access to the device.

In addition, this multi-practical bag offers two interior mesh pockets with burly YKK zippers. On the other hand, an exterior zippered pocket is ideal for storing your quick-grab items, such as wallets and passports. Speaking of identity checks, we should also mention that the Stonehauler duffel bag even has a mesh ID pocket.


Unlike most duffel bags, the flexible Black Diamond Stonehauler offers two carrying options. The classic method would be to grab the sturdy handle with your hand and transport the Stonehauler from point A to point B. And don’t worry, the internal compression system with tie-down straps will keep your belongings secure.

The second option is to attach the removable shoulder straps and use the Stonehauler 60L duffel bag as a traditional backpack. For that reason, Black Diamond added extra padding to the straps to reduce discomfort during long-distance trips. On top of that, they even included a sternum strap to help with carrying heavier loads and reducing back pain.

Therefore, the Black Diamond Stonehauler duffel bag is one of the most versatile duffel bags you’ll find in 2022. With the HaulLoop carry system, the load will stay in place regardless of the carry style.


Over the years, Black Diamond emerged as a dependable option for anyone looking for quality outdoor gear. So, the durable and flexible Black Diamond Stonehauler 60L duffel bag is another safe bet for travel addicts worldwide.

This sturdy bag offers plenty of storage space, with two carrying methods to choose from. Of course, Black Diamond Stonehauler is available in various colors, allowing you to find the one in line with your style.