Main features of BioLite FirePit+:

  • 51 hyper-efficient air jets

  • Bluetooth controlled fan

  • 12.800 mAh rechargeable battery

  • 4x collapsible legs

  • Sturdy, heat-resistant handles

  • X-Ray mesh body

Watching the flames dance in a fire pit is a scene most of us could stare at for hours. That’s why camping trips without a campfire can be disappointing, especially for the young ones.

At the same time, setting up a campfire can be risky and time-consuming. So, to speed up the process, we recommend using the revolutionary BioLite FirePit+.

This innovative product is mobile and easy to use, but it also offers a safe and enjoyable flame-watching experience. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what FirePit+ can offer, so let’s check it out.

Innovative Design

At first glance, BioLite FirePit+ might look like an oversized mesh box, suitable for drying the dishes or holding your small pets inside. Yet, the area enclosed by the mesh is the actual fire pit. The so-called X-ray body provides complete visibility, top to bottom. So, you can watch the flames while being safe.

In total, BioLite FirePit+ weighs around 20 pounds, making it among the heavier portable grills on the market. Nonetheless, sturdy handles will help carry this fire pit, allowing you to take it on every camping trip. Also, we should mention that BioLite FirePit+ comes equipped with four collapsible legs.

Improved Combustion

Aside from portability and aesthetics, BioLite FirePit+ also offers top-drawer efficiency. You can burn wood, charcoal, or briquette. The high-temperature enamel coating is durable and allows effortless cleaning, so don’t worry about maintenance. Plus, the trapdoor at the bottom provides a convenient cleaning method.

Arguably, the essential feature of this product is the hyper-efficient combustion system. The trick is in airflow provided by 51 strategically placed air jets. Powered by a fan, these jets inject oxygen exactly where it’s needed, helping the burning process and creating that crackling sound we all love so much.

App-Controlled System

Sounds good so far? Well, now comes another exciting element that will make you fall in love with BioLite FirePit+. Namely, this device relies on modern technologies, i.e. Bluetooth connectivity.

Users can download the free BioLite app and use it to control the fan on the FirePit+. In other words, you can regulate the temperature and increase/decrease the fan speed.

Plus, the battery-powered system doubles as a power bank. BioLite has equipped this unit with a powerful battery (12.800 mAh), offering up to 30 hours of average use. Of course, you can recharge the system via a USB cable that comes included.

Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a no-smoke, no-hassle fire-burning device, look no further than BioLite FirePit+. As you can see, this product ticks all boxes for being super-efficient and easy to use.

We didn’t even mention the removable grill grate that will let you prepare delicious meals in hibachi style. The list of features is extensive, and if you want to learn more, include BioLite FirePit+ your camping arsenal.