Main features of BioLite AlpenGlow 500-Lumen LED Lantern:

  • ChromaReal LED technology
  • 500 lumens on High
  • Ambient and task-based light
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Rechargeable battery, 6400 mAh
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Overall weight: 13,4 ounces
  • Up to 5 hours of run time

Going off the grid is all fun and games until you start to stumble around the campsite, falling over rocks or bumping into each other. For that reason, it’s best to bring a dependable camping lantern whenever you venture further into the great outdoors.

But what is the best camping lantern to buy in 2021? Well, the cool-looking BioLite AlpenGlow 500-Lumen LED Lantern is up there with the elite, and it offers a vast selection of features. Since it comes highly recommended, we had to put it to the test. Here’s what we learned after a couple of days.


If you are not familiar with the name, we should first say a few words about BioLite. Founded in 2008, this ambitious startup conquered the world by storm and immediately impacted the planet. First, they released the revolutionary BioLite CampStove, and the equally impressive HomeStove followed soon after.

Over the years, BioLite’s portfolio grew to more than twenty products, including the innovative AlpenGlow lantern. The company is on a mission to bring light and energy to everyone living off the grid, primarily people living in Africa. For that reason, buying their products has a broader sense and will add a point or two to your karma tally.


Nowadays, camping lanterns come in various shapes and sizes, making it tricky to find the best models. However, if you consider the following aspects, you’ll be well-prepared to purchase the best outdoor lanterns in 2021.


First, evaluate if the design will fit the way you plan to use the lantern. For instance, waterproof models will work like a charm during pool parties, but some other models could have problems with excess moisture. Also, check the dimensions to find lanterns that will fit your bug-out bag or even an EDC kit.


Next, check the materials and build quality to see if the lantern can survive plenty of wear and tear. After all, outdoor gear should be as durable as possible, and your lighting is no exception. For instance, the BioLite AlpenGlow 500 Lantern features extra-strong plastic and a shock-resistant body.


Finally, consider the price to ensure you’ll get the best bang for your buck. Admittedly, most outdoor lanterns are not overly expensive, but the top-rated outdoor lamps could burn a hole through your wallet. So, try to find the sweet between finding a high-quality lantern and not spending too much. For example, BioLite AlpenGlow 500 costs only $59.96, making it an affordable option.


Since this lantern has so much to offer, we should now focus on its qualities and characteristics. Yes, we got a lot of ground to cover, so sit tight and enjoy the show.


BioLite is famous for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and creating revolutionary devices. Well, the AlpenGlow lantern is the perfect example of this philosophy. More precisely, this model features ChromaReal LED technology, which renders the colors accurately and improves efficiency.

As the name implies, AlpenGlow 500 can deliver up to 500 lumens of light. Interestingly, BioLite has a model with 250 lumens, which is almost identical to its bigger brother. Inspired by nature, both lanterns will illuminate outdoor areas and offer lots of fun.


Speaking of fun times, we should mention that BioLite AlpenGlow 500 Lantern offers several operational modes. However, this rechargeable outdoor lamp only has one button, and you’ll need to cycle through modes by pressing the oversized button on the top.

In essence, AlpenGlow 500 offers single or blended color output. For instance, you can choose between warm and cool white, but Candle Flicker mode is also at your disposal. Admittedly, cycling through these systems can seem confusing at first. However, once you get the hang of it, the concept will feel straightforward. Plus, you can simply shake the lantern to activate dynamic lighting modes, ideal for outdoor parties.


For outdoor gadgets and EDC gear, usability is a priority. The guys over at BioLite are aware of the importance of functionality, and their products are as convenient as possible.

Namely, the AlpenGlow 500 has an IPX4 rating, and it can withstand splashing and light rain. Also, this outdoor lamp comes equipped with a sturdy hook on the bottom, allowing you to hang the lantern hassle-free. Finally, we should also mention the system for changing the operational modes, given that you do everything by pressing only one button.


By pressing and holding the top button for eight seconds, you’ll lock the lantern and prevent accidental activation while traveling. Also, BioLite AlpenGlow 500 Lantern is ideal for outdoor excursions because it comes equipped with a durable, rechargeable battery.

To be precise, the cell has the power of 6400 mAh, which provides up to 5 hours of burn time on High. However, if you dim the light and switch to Low, the battery could last up to 200 hours. In addition, this lantern comes with an extra power bank, allowing you to charge smartphones or other devices while being off-grid.


BioLite specializes in mobile and eco-friendly technologies, and this global brand is now the leader in this sector. For that reason, buying a lantern from BioLite is a safe bet for anyone looking for an outdoor lamp for camping or fishing.

This model might not be the cheapest out there, but it comes with many advanced features that make it worth every penny. Since this BioLite AlpenGlow 500 is compact and travel-ready, don’t waste time and include it in your EDC kit at the first opportunity.