We like the look of a good pair of Teva sandals. These versatile, comfortable sandals were built for adventure, having originated in the Grand Canyon from a single pair of Velcro watchbands fashioned into footwear for rafting. Since then, Teva Sandals have been made into a number of different models and worn all over the world  – and on a variety of adventures in a variety of different conditions.

If you just can’t quite get into sandals for hiking, we get it. Few people can; sandals simply don’t have the support that hiking boots or even regular hiking shoes have. But some people just love the comfort and flexibility that hiking sandals offer, and those are the people that snap up Teva sandals and wear them all over.

Here are the three dynamic, lightweight and totally cool pairs of Teva Sandals we’d love to try this summer.


The Teva Hurricane XLT2 are true sport sandals, built for adventure. They’re the upgraded and updated version of the classic Hurricane, this time with a soft, padded heel strap made from water-ready polyester, nylon and recycled PET webbing. The new sole is Rugged Durabrasion rubber, which provides improved traction and stability on all sorts of rugged surfaces. And while the ankle straps aren’t quite capable of the same kind of support as boots or ankled shoes, the nylon shank adds some extra support for your foot when hiking over all the place, as these shoes are designed to do.

Sharp, snappy and aggressive looking, these are heavy-duty sandals for real hiking. And they’re just 10 ounces per pair.


Lighter and less rugged than the Hurricane XLT2, the Terra Fi Lite are designed for lightweight adventure on almost any terrain. They have a nylon shank for stability, like the XLT2, a Spider Original rubber outsole for lightweight grip and traction, and a water-ready polyester webbing that is both durable and quick-drying for wading across streams and water activities. (All Teva webbing is water ready, from what we can tell). In the heel sits a cushioned Shoc Pad, which absorbs impact when walking across uneven terrain, softens the blow, and is certainly a godsend after long periods on your feet.

The best thing about these sandals? The Microban coating; an anti-microbial zinc treatment that prevents bacteria from growing and odors from forming – so these shoes (and your feet) smell fresh for the entire thru-hike.


Straightforward and casual, the Katavi 2 are the perfect combo of casual and sport sandals. They’re made from a soft, supple suede upper on top of lightweight, breathable mesh – a fresh new update on the classic Katavi sandal that already established itself as Teva’s best shoes.

After the suede, these sandals use a contoured EVA footbed for support in the arches; a nylon shank (again) to keep the foot stable on all surfaces; and a Rugged Durabrasion outsole for traction and confidence no matter where your adventures take you.

Like all Teva sandals, they’re comfortable and freeing, but also inspire confidence wherever you go. What else could you ask for in a good pair of hiking sandals? They come in both earthy Olive and gorgeous Walnut colors…and are sure to keep your feet safe and comfortable in rivers, canyons and canoes.


Fancy sport sandals are great, but sometimes you want something bit simpler and bit more casual. Like the Teva Pajaro. These classic thong flip-flops combine rugged durability with simple good looks. The molded topsole grips comfortably on all surfaces, and it’s got the same nylon shank for stability that the best Teva sandals offer as well an extra-wide nylon strap. And – perhaps the best thing about these sandals – they’ve got the same Microban anti-microbial coating to repel bacteria and stink.