Superfeet makes great shoes, including sneakers and sandals.  But they also make great insoles and accessories –including custom 3D printed options, which are shape to fit the exact shape of your feet. If you want versatile, truly comfortable insoles that offer supreme cushioning and performance that puts your typical shoe store insoles to shame, then you don’t really have a choice: You need Superfeet insoles.

Whether you need ’em for hiking, biking, running, hunting or casual everyday wear…here are the Best Superfeet Insoles of 2019.

Best Superfeet Insole For Every Activity


MerinoGREY Insoles

We’re most interested in their MerinoGREY insoles, which, as the name implies, rock some merino wool.

MerinoGREY insoles rock a high-density, closed cell foam that delivers Superfeet’s superb, “Life-changing comfort” and support. But on top, they have felted Merino wool lining, which delivers the comfort, warmth and quick-drying moisture-wicking that’s usually associated with the world’s best natural insulator.

On the bottom of the insole is a stabilizer cap, which provides some stability and support for the back of the foot and to the foam layer in general. The heel cup is Superfeet’s deepest, for even more support and for natural shock absorption. And top it off, it’s got an all-natural-and-organic, odor-controlling, anti-microbial coating.

For supreme comfort, support and even warmth in your hiking boots and shoes, what could be better? They’re supposed to last at least 12 months of wear or 500 miles, whichever comes first.

Super Cushioning: Superfeet Orange Insoles

Superfeet Orange are the brand’s most padded and cushioning insoles, designed for high-impact activities like running and hiking, and on hard surfaces. The forefoot is designed for absorbing large amounts of shock and providing a smooth step all day, while the deep-but-narrow heel cup is designed for a natural step in a wide variety of activities. And on the bottom is the signature reinforced signature cap for firm footing and stability. And the MerinoGREYs, these insoles rock an anti-microbial, odor-controlling coating.


Lightweight Performance: Carbon Insoles

Perhaps Superfeet’s most innovative insole, the Carbon insole utilizes lightweight foam combined with a carbon fiber + polymer stabilizer cap to create a superlight insole that packs above its weight (literally) in terms of cushioning power. It has a beveled edge to ensure it fights in tighter, narrower shoes, perforations in the foam to lessen the weight while simultaneously increasing breathability, a wide forefoot to fit more shoes, and an anti-microbial coating to ward away odors. For an ultralight performer – good for running and sports – that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, reach for the Carbon.


For Wide Feet: Superfeet WideGREEN

Those with wide feet know how difficult it can be to find comfortable shoes, and insoles to match those shoes can be just as challenging. The WideGREEN are designed for shoe sizes from 3E to 6E, giving the wide-footed among us comfortable options for both sports and everyday wear. In addition to the wide forefoot, the WideGreen pack their deepest heel cup, the contoured Superfeet shape, a firm stabilizer cap and their customary organic, anti-microbial coating to keep odors at bay. If you have wide feet and have trouble finding good orthotics to match, give these fellas a try.


For the Hunter: Superfeet Guide

Hunting in cold weather means alternating between long hikes on rugged terrain, and long periods of sitting around in the cold. That means your feet will be alternating between sweating and sitting in that sweat. Thick, moisture-wicking socks will obviously be essential, but Superfeet’s Guide insoles could make all the difference in terms of comfort and warmth. With ThermoRight thermo-regulating memory foam that conforms to your foot for extra warmth, “impact-damping technology” for a softer, quieter step, and ScentLok odor-blocking tech to ensure the wildlife can’t smell you coming, the Guide is a versatile insole with maximum padding and comfort for long, cold hunting expeditions.

For the Long-Distance Hiker: Trailblazer Comfort

Designed specifically for use in hiking boots, the Trailblazer Comfort has a deep heel cup that prevents your foot from slipping and hitting the front of the boot during descents and when walking over uneven terrain,  as well as a special Heel Impact Technology “pod” which absorbs shocks for smoother ascents and descents on the slopes. Superfeet used their “Aerospring Dual Descent” comfort foam to “reduce fatigue” and add stability over long hikes. There’s also the requisite MoistureWick for breathability and odor control, and the whole thing is topped off with their EvoLyte Carbon Fiber stabilizer cap for lightweight comfort over long distances.

Superfeet Run Comfort Thin

For Runners: Run Comfort Thin

While the Guide and Trailblazer insoles emphasize maximum thickness and padding, the Run Comfort emphasizes thin flexibility and versatility for comfort in lightweight running shoes. It’s 20% thinner than the original Run Comfort, while packing the same H.I.T pod and deep heel cup as the Trailblazer Comfort, above. They also have Aerospring Rebound foam, which absorbs energy and transfers it to the ground efficiently, as well as Superfeet’s Carbon Fiber stabilizer cap. MoistureWick odor-guard seals the deal. For comfort and versatility when running on hard surfaces, these are your best option.