Slim and Stylish – Wallets that are Sure to Impress!

The modern era is all about a paperless, cashless world. So, what’s the point of carrying around a man-purse all the time? Stay fresh and fashionable with our top picks for the best slim wallets to hold all your cards, and some cash.

Radix One Slim Wallet

The Radix One Slim Wallet is well known because it has claimed to be the thinnest slim wallet on the Radix One Slim Walletsmarket. It’s made of ultra-lightweight polycarbonate and silicone parts that are highly durable. Its patent-protected design allows it to easily store between 4 to 10 cards as well as money. It is often ranked as the best slim wallet because of its minimalistic sleek design and efficiency. In other words, brace yourself, for compliments will start pouring in every time you take this wallet out in public!

NOMATIC slim wallets

If you value a minimalistic classy design but have to carry a bulk of cards and cash around due to the nature of your work, this is the best slim wallet for you. The NOMATIC slim wallet can carry up to 15 cards, while a separate pocket can be used to keep cash, coins or keys. Made with medical grade elastic and a genuine leather pull-tab, this wallet is built to last a lifetime!

Slim Timber Wooden Card Wallet

Timber Wooden Card Slim walletsThe Timber Wooden Card wallet will catch the attention of people who understand the statement that fine art makes. Built with selected planes of walnut wood, top-grain leather and an elastic strap, this hand crafted wallet can withstand dropping, sitting, or being stepped on. The Timber Wooden Card wallet can hold up to 8 bank or ID cards as well as some business cards and cash.

Pioneer Ion Bifold wallets


The Pioneer Ion Bifold wallet is perhaps the best slim wallet when it comes to durability. It is made of UHMW polythene fibers, which are also used to make military-grade body armor, and can withstand razor sharp knives. It comes with a 10 year warranty, quite literally proving that it can stand up to the test of time. The Pioneer Ion Bifold wallet can stack up to 8 cards and cash comfortably in your front or back pocket.


This ultra-sleek wallet is handcrafted in the USA by American Bench Craft using 100% pure leatherAmerican Bench Craft slim wallets and antique brass rivets. It can hold up to 8 cards as well as some folded cash. It is suitable as both – a front or back pocket wallet, however, care should be taken when filling it in because overstuffing will loosen up its grip overtime. Due to the nature of pure leather, the wallet will mold around the contents inside, so if it is tightly packed, it will open up and not revert back to its original form.

Thanks to the new generation of slim and compact wallets, you won’t have to carry around the bulky weight anymore! Happy Shopping!