Look, it’s fine to use some of that pre-ground black pepper in a shaker from the grocery store when you’re just cooking some cheap meat or some quick eggs for breakfast. But if you want to actually cook some real food, it’s time to invest in a good pepper mill and grinder, so you can have perfectly-ground, fresh pepper for every fine meal. All day, every day.

Grinding fresh peppercorns is the only way to really get all the spice, heat and flavor that pepper delivers, and steaks and seasonings call for, and the packaged stuff just doesn’t cut it.

It’s like grinding coffee a couple days before using it. It’ll be stale by the time you brew the coffee.

A good pepper mill should be compact, easy to turn and grind, and somewhat stylish. It also needs to be effective, and turn out ample amounts of pepper with each grind…. nobody actually wants to get an arm workout, just to season a few eggs. It should also be somewhat comfortable in your hand.

So what’s our favorite Pepper Mill that fulfills these criteria? The Cole and Mason Capstan. This beautiful pepper mill is made from beechwood with a beautiful dark stain that looks at home in the classiest of kitchens. It’s complimented by a machine-cut, carbon steel mechanism for a smooth turn of the handle. To select the coarseness of the grind, simply twist the tiny knob on the top of the handle. Filling is as easy as unscrewing the top and pouring in fresh peppercorns.

And as we mentioned, it’s classically beautiful. Cole and Mason backs it up with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you’ll be seasoning up gourmet meals with this pepper mill for years to come. Feel free to grab the Capstan salt mill to finish off the set.

So go ahead and upgrade to a real pepper mill and stop shaking those cheap flakes out of a container. Your taste buds will thank you.

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