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The Round Up: The Best Maxpedition Backpack 2019

Best Maxpedition Backpack 2019

Why Get a Maxpedition Backpack?

That’s easy to answer: because they are – and always have been –  a top brand in tactical gear.

Since 2003 – long before GoRuck and some other tactical gear makers on the market – they’ve been manufacturing and designing some of the best tactical backpacks, slings and assorted gear in the industry. They were one of the first brands to make MOLLE mainstream, and their backpacks and slings continue to outperform many of the big-name brands on the market in both longevity and design. For a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in well-designed, durable and versatile tactical packs that will last a lifetime of demanding use…look no further than Maxpedition. There’s no reason you can’t get 10 years of everyday use from these bags, and they’ll hold up to the toughest of demands more reliably than many of the regular mainstream outdoor packs.

Ready to see how great these are for yourself? Keep reading to see our Top Maxpedition Backpacks for 2019.

Best Maxpedition Backpacks 2019

Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

The Falcon II is a Maxpedition classic. With 35 liters, it packs more space than our other favorite EDC bag – the GoRuck GR1 – while retailing for 40% less. It’s made with Maxpedition’s typical-high quality nylon stitching, self-repairing YKK® zippers for reliable use in all conditions, and a 1050 nylon cordura , water-resistant and abrasion-resistant exterior.  It’s also optimized for CCW, with a special CCW pocket with lockable zippers that’s made to fit your extra-large pistol. Tons of MOLLE webbing and adjustable padded straps make this one of the most versatile daypacks you’ll lay eyes on.

Maxpedition Vulture II Backpack

The Vulture II is another classic; compact but spacious, with 46 liters of storage in three main compartments. The larger, rounder size means it fits larger blokes more comfortably than many of Maxpedition’s other compact packs, and the storage space is ample for 2-day trips. If that’s not enough, utilize the tons of PALS webbing to attach more gear.  It also has a concealed carry pocket for the armed among us.

Why get the Vulture II? It’s a bargain. It’s about 40% cheaper than the Falcon II and less than half the price of the GoRuck GR2 – for 70% more storage space. It comes in multiple size choices, however…and there should be a Vulture II size that works for your needs.

Maxpedition Riftcore

Another great pack for CCW enthusiasts. The Riftcore packs 23l into a compact and ergonomically designed body; the center compartment opens with full clamshell and there are two locations for CCW placemen, including a fully loop-lined rear compartment that has two-way access for quick draws, even when you’re not expecting it. On the front sits a semi-rigid, fleece-lined EVA pocket for your sunglasses, electronics, or valuables.

Best of all? The quick-release yoke straps, which make it easy to throw on and off in seconds and make it perfect for hairy situations.

Ironcloud Adventure Bag 48L

Travel a lot? This is your new Maxpedition.

The Ironcloud is built for mission-critical expeditions and gnarly trips – where your bag needs to navigate everything from the airport luggage belt to being strapped on top of the Land Rover while overlanding through the jungle, without giving out or losing any of your gear. And it delivers. It’s carry-on friendly for most airlines and airplanes, with a streamlined design (with stowable yoke straps) for stuffing in the overhead but tons of grab handles and straps to ensure smooth handling at all times. Wear it like a backpack, over your shoulder with the sling, or just carry it by hand.

With 48 liters, it’s enough for all but the heaviest of packers. And there is a dedicated 15” laptop (or tablet) sleeve with ample padding to keep that glossy screen safe. And if mess is the bane of your existence, don’t fret; the interior of the bag is designed for organization, with dividers, pockets and cinch straps to keep your gear safely stashed.

Wolfspur CrossBody Shoulder Bag

A backpack? No…not exactly. But the Wolfspur is a beast, one optimized and designed for concealed carry, with a loop-lined rear CCW compartment for stashing that pistol (yes, larger ones included). The zipper to this CCW pocket provides 15” of opening access (all the way around). The front boasts a “custom-molded,” fleece-lined and semi-rigid pocket that serves to protect your electronics and your glasses. And the main compartment boasts gossamer mesh pocket and elastic straps, as well as a dedicated and padded tablet compartment. And lest we forget…there’s an expandable Nalgene bottle pocket.

Compact (11 liters) and built to last (1000D nylon and 500-Denier Hex Ripstop fabrics + YKK zippers) and triple polyurethane coated for waterproofness and strength, this bag is built in the vein of classic Maxpedition gear. It suits concealed carriers who like to move fast and move light.

Maxpedition Versipack

We keep using the word “classic” in this roundup, but perhaps no Maxpeiditon bag is truly as classic as the Versipack.

The VersiPack comes in a few different configurations (Jumbo, Fatboy, Octa). The Jumbo is the “world-famous” bag that continues to win new fans over to the brand, time and time again.

This shoulder sling bag is ergonomically designed and simple in execution but doesn’t lack the details needed for versatility and utility in any situation. It’s got 5 interior/exterior sleeve & zipper pockets, a cinch pocket fitted for a Nalgene, and jumbo-size buckles that can be used when your fingers are decked-out in thick, burly gloves. And – needless to say – PALS webbing adorns the outside.

Physical build and durability are excellent, too; the entire exterior has a triple coat of polyurethane, this time completed by an additional coat of DuPont Teflon Fabric Protector. That’s some serious protection from all the elements, all the time. The tough 1000-Denier fabric is complemented by YKK zippers and slides.

There’s a reason (several, actually) why this compact sling continues to be one of the most popular EDC bags in the world.

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