What’s so cool about Icelantic Skis?

Pretty much everything. Their skis are sweet performers and pretty sick-looking, each model coming with it’s own unique paint job. They’re also all handmade right here in the USA -always a major perk for us – and crafted with the finest materials and craftsmanship; possible; Your mass-produced skis, these ain’t. Icelantic calls this heir Bombproof Construction, and they’re proud of it; every pair of skis comes with a 3-Year No Questions Asked Warranty.

This “Bombproof Construction” is achieved through what Icelantic uses what they call Tri-Axe construction; each ski uses a wooden core, either of Poplar, Aspen, Ochroma or Pacific Albus, that is surrounded by layers of fiberglass, rubber, carbonium and DuraSurf, among others. The result? A super-strong, yet flexible and lightweight, ski.

That’s enough to convince us to get a pair – and there’s quite a few to choose from. Here are the best Icelantic Skis out for Winter 2019.

Icelantic Natural 101

The Backcountry Tourer: Icelantic Natural 101

The Natural 101 is Icelantic’s basic backcountry touring ski. Built using their ultra-light Ochroma wood core, it’s made from sustainably-sourced wood, and cuts down on unnecessary weightto make for an ultralight package. It has 31cm of tip rocker, 5mm of camber and a rockered tail in order to help the skis pivot effortlessly in both deep, fluffy and hard-packed snow.

We also think it has the best paint job of them all; a majestic Snow Owl in front of a peak. Icelantic says it represents the balance between serenity and thrill found when touring the snowy backcountry.

Icelantic Saber 80

The All-Mountain: Icelantic Sabre 80

For those who love to carve on any terrain, Icelantic offers the Sabre 80. It’s built with their new X-ply construction, which uses sailcloth technology to weave a layer of carbon fiber into the poplar cores in a 55 Degree X pattern, running the entire length of the ski. As a result, the Sabre 80 are rigid and perfectly stiff for edge-to-edge riding. The tapered shape has a rockered tip, 9mm of camber and a flat tail. For all-mountain carving, you can’t really go wrong. Features is a Sho Suki Ban burn design.

Atlantic Pioneer 109

All-Mountain: Icelantic Pioneer 109

Another versatile pair of all-mountain skis, the Pioneer 109 chews up virtually any terrain you can throw at it. It’s got a poplar wood core and 7mm of camber underneath, with a 109mm waist to maximize flotation in very deep snow. The perfect combination of stiffness and flex for all-mountain skiing. The paint job for this bad boy? A bamboo wood topsheet finished with a mesh topo map of the Rockies.

Icelantic Nomad 125

The Freerider: Icelantic Nomad 125

Like freeriding? The Nomad 125 is a fully-rockered pair of freeride skis – 59cm tip rocker, 0mm camber, and 51cm tail rocker. The Nomad are the skis you reach for when the snow is deep. They’re wide enough for almost anybody to float on almost any amount of snow, and still carve like a boss when rode on edge. It uses a Tri-axe construction to maximize durability; poplar wood core, layers of fiberglass, rubber foils, carbonium topsheet. The unique paintjob shows off an iceberg, highlighting some of Icelantic’s favorite environments across the globe.