If you take it hard at the gym, on the field or even out in the backcountry, it’s important to get the right amount of high-quality proteins and nutrients to keep your muscles fueled and allow them to recover properly. Whey Protein is a quick, easy and relatively cheap way to do that – the one problem being that most whey proteins are packed full of nasty fillers, preservatives and artificial flavors. They’re also about the most processed food item ever, and don’t always conjure the image of “high-quality dairy.” Unless, that is, it’s from some grass-fed goodness from a tub of ProMix – which we believe is the Best Grass-Fed Whey Protein out there.

While your typical, generic protein powder is usually sourced from who-knows-where, ProMix sources all their whey from dairy farms in Northern California, where the climate allows for a fresh year-round supply. It’s also all grass-fed, which means it’s of the highest quality, comes from the healthiest animals, and free of any antibiotics or hormones. In fact, it’s corn free, soy free, gluten free, non GMO, and contains no chemical bleaching or additives. In other words, it’s actually good for you. The only thing it does contain is a small bit (.75%) of sunflower lecithin, which helps it mix smoothly.

All that natural stuff means that your whey is also packed full of the nutrients and Amino Acids you’ve come to expect from whey. Each scoop is independently certified to have 180mg of glutathione, as well as 5.9g of BCAA’s including Leucine, Valine and Glutamic Acid – all essential for building muscle. There’s 25g of protein per serving.

Finally, another main selling point: ProMix Whey Protein comes unflavored, which keeps it free of sweeteners or flavors and allows you to mix it in a wider range of drinks and smoothies and even bake with it (you’ll have to look up some recipes). While the idea of unflavored, pure protein taste may not sound all that appetizing to you, trust us: it’s delicious. Once mixed into your favorite milk or smoothie beverage, you can barely taste it, and if you hate the taste of cheap, artificial sweeteners – you may never go back. (if you don’t, you can also select Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Butter, which add raw Cane Sugar and Cacao/Vanilla extract to the mix).

Take our word for it. This stuff is good – miles above any other protein powder you’ve tried yet.

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