We are here to dispel the belief that folding knives aren’t compatible with food preparation. While we all enjoy our long stainless steel sturdy knife blades, i.e., fixed blade knife for our indoor kitchen knife, owning a folding knife for outdoor food preparation has its perks. But what is the best option for food preparation in general?

Our extensive guide to the best folding knives for food prep has you covered and tells you all there is to know about different kinds of blades and which one you need.

Different Folding Knives for Food Prep

Just like there are different types of food, so are there different pocket knives to use for cutting and preparing food outdoors.

When looking for the ideal pocket knives with folding blades, there are several things to consider:

  • What do you expect from your chef’s knives?
  • What makes good pocket knives, in your opinion?
  • Will your pocket knives last in the environment in which you use them?
  • Does your knife have a sharp blade? (Nobody likes a dull knife, to begin with!)
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Is it aluminum, stainless steel, or a carbon steel blade?
Folding cleaver knives

If you are planning to use your knife regularly for cutting and prepping food on the go, a folding pocket cleaver is one of the safest options.


This is a decent folding cleaver by MIKI, a company that focuses its knives primarily on kitchen knives. Their stainless steel knife with a clean design and sharp edge is all you want and need to chop your fruit and veggies.

2. Gerber Gear flatiron

This knife comes with a stainless steel or aluminum blade (depending on your taste and budget), is easy to carry, and is versatile. These are decent blades if you are looking for camping pocket knives to do a little bit of everything, including some high-impact work.

On top of that, the liner lock secures the blade in your pocket, while the one-handed opening makes it safer when slicing meat or other items. Another plus is the pocket clip, which allows for an easy and comfortable carry.

3. Spyderco ROC

It is a high-quality knife blade that won’t disappoint but will also cost you a little more than the Spyderco ROC. It has a thicker piece of stainless steel blade on the front of the knife, making it sturdier and suitable for various tasks.

With a blade size that resembles a good cleaver the most out of our selection, this knife will also make you feel like you are handling one of those chef’s knives instead of pocket knives.


Even though more of a sheepsfoot than a folding cleaver, this knife has a flat grind blade edge with a thick handle material that one can hold onto really well while either chopping or slicing something.

The CRKT Ripsnort is not one of the overly fancy pocket knives but has a classy touch thanks to the stainless steel and polymer handles.

It is one of the lightweight easy-to-operate flipper knife blades, meaning you won’t get tired hands from cutting too much.

5. Kershaw static

Similar to the Spyderco ROC, but also more of a sheepsfoot design (i.e., curved blade) and a bit smaller in size and more affordable for your pocket, this knife comes with a broad and strong blade stock with a sturdy overall handle.

This pocket knife is a flipper folding knife and comes with a clip point for your pants pocket or belt.

7. Herbertz folding kitchen chef’s knife

If you prefer knives with wood handles, then the Herbertz Folding Kitchen Knife is a good choice!

They come in two different sizes, and the blades are made of stainless steel and are rust- and corrosion-resistant, thus meaning you can fold them up and take them anywhere. A liner lock adds safety and the single-handed operation makes this knife a reliable blade.

8. Eafengrow CH3531-G10 Folding Knife

This is a very decent clip-point blade for camping chefs on the go. The Eafengrow has a machined edge, a smooth pivot, and a stainless steel blade for rust- and corrosion resistance.

The convenient belt clip makes it all the more handy if the 100% satisfaction and quality guarantee didn’t already convince you anyways.


Below is further helpful information on pocket knives and cooking knives in general.

– Can you make good food with pocket knives?

Whether or not you can prepare your food well with pocket knives depends more on your skills than on the knife itself. But the knife blade and handling play a significant role too.

There is no way you will be able to prepare some thinly sliced tomatoes if your knife blade does not have a sharp edge. At the same time, a cleaver or a drop point blade also serve different purposes when prepping food.

But yes, you can make amazing food using a pocket knife as long as you look out for the purpose and the quality of your blades.

– What knife is generally used to prep food?

Usually, a chef’s knife is a fixed blade knife with a relatively large blade is what you will find in most kitchens.

– Should you sharpen a pocket knife even if it has folding blades?

Yes, any knife can be sharpened and should be sharpened if you expect to enjoy your cooking and food prep experience. A dull blade is one of the saddest things any cook will ever experience, leading to poorly prepared food.

If you wish to sharpen your knives, either take them to a specialist or keep a sharpening tool such as a sharpening stone with you when you are on the go. With a bit of practice and the proper technique, any knife, whether a fixed blade knife or a clip point blade, sharpens easily.

Final Thoughts

You do not need a fully equipped kitchen to make cutting-edge meals (yup, we like our knife-puns here!).

Choosing the best pocket knives for your cooking style depends on the material you will be going for, the environment you will expose your knife to, and what kind of blade you need to cut certain foods.

Any of the folding pocket knives presented in this article can make a great knife that can be perfect for what you require in terms of your cooking style.