Worry not; we have you covered. In this ultimate guide on the best EDC scissors, we will walk you through some of the handiest and greatest scissors out there, so let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?

Why choose to have EDC Scissors?

There are several reasons why everyday carry scissors are going to come in handy but here are the most common ones that will affect each one of us in our daily lives from time to time:

  • Opening a box or packaging
  • Cutting tape
  • Cutting hair or fingernails
  • Foraging & cutting flowers
  • Cutting threads or ropes (sewing)
  • Fishing
  • Pure survival

While you would think that scissors are a pretty straightforward tool, you can go wrong with them. That is why there are certain things to consider when looking to buy dedicated scissors that will serve you daily:

  • How do they fit?

    If the holes in your scissors’ handles are too small, you won’t be able to guide them as well. Also, are you left or right-handed, because have you ever tried to cut with a scissor that was made for someone that uses their opposite hand? It’s tedious and most of the time won’t work at all.
  • What material are they?

    Ideally, your scissors should never rust or break; therefore, stainless steel or any other sturdy material should be a no-brainer.
  • What size do you require?

    Always consider how you will carry your scissors with you or on you and what space they will occupy. Sometimes folding scissors might be the handiest EDC choice.
  • What are they going to be used for?

    If you are a crafty person, an outdoorsy person that goes hunting, or just someone that hangs out in an office a lot – for each of these people, there is at least one pair of scissors that will work best. Make sure you know which is yours.
  • How are your scissors going to be stored?

    EDC scissors are useless if they cause more damage than good, so make sure you have a safe space or pouch where you keep them and where they will not hurt you or poke holes in your pockets.
The Best EDC Scissors

Now that you know what to look out for, let’s walk you through the best scissors on the market according to our experts:

1. Engineer PH-55 Tetsuwan Scissors GT

Don’t let the size of these compact scissors fool you – even a relatively large male hand will be able to get their fingers inside the loops and work these scissors just as well.

No matter what you want to tackle: wires, corded ropes, or just normal paper, they cut beautifully, and the quality is surprising considering the price and size of this cutting tool.

Included in the package is a separate tool for cutting wire, which you will find in the scissors’ handle. And the best yet, a sheath is included that will not have you worried about damaging anything when wearing or storing them in your bags.

2. Slip-N-Snip Folding Safety Scissors

Whether you are a seamstress or just generally into textile crafts, these folding scissors are a compact and easy-to-carry option for you.

Side note: these small scissors are not made for large and robust hands but rather average to small fingers that are doing some finer work, such as seamstresses.

We recommend adding them to your sewing kit, but they also work incredibly well for other crafts, such as cutting cardboard.

The sharp blades of these craft scissors will not disappoint and serve you for a long while before needing to be sharpened again.

3. SOG Multitool Tactical Pen

If you are looking for more of a multi-purpose tool that comes with several features, these TSA-approved scissors will be a good purchase for you.

They are super easy to transport as they clip onto a belt or pocket and are secured by folding up and closing with a cap, basically like a pen – and they are indeed even more like a pen since you can also write with them! The included can opener is heaven-sent, as is the screwdriver tip. This pair of scissors is indeed more than just a pair of scissors, and we can vouch for their leatherman-style support for your everyday carrying tasks.

4. Leatherman Raptor Emergency Response Shears

This pair of heavy-duty scissors are true to the leatherman style CS and really live up to what they promise.

Included in this multi-tool pair of scissors is a measuring tape, a belt cutter, a clip and holster for attaching it to your gear, and extremely durable scissor blades. We recommend buying several pairs and storing them in your car with easy access – the blades are known to cut through people that are trapped and need something to cut through zip ties, denim, or seatbelts easily. This is also why they are often used by EMTs.

5. Carabiner Shears, EMT Medical, and Trauma Scissors

If you are active in the medical field (or just have very clumsy children or friends), then these scissors are the top choice for you.

These scissors can cut through any sort of thick fabric really fast and easily in order to get to the area of concern.

The clip on the handle comes in handy if you want to have them just within reach where it’s most convenient, and you won’t need a different belt to wear them every day.

6. Bonus – Klein Tools Free Fall Electrician’s Scissors

For those of you that are your own handy-man/-woman at home, having a pair of scissors that are made to cut electrical wires won’t be the worst idea.

Thanks to their serrated blades made of stainless steel, you can rely on them when it comes to electrical emergencies. On top of that, in case it is dark (if there’s an electrical emergency, say), there is yellow rubber on the side of the handle, which glows in the dark and will help you locate them easily. They are super durable and work extremely well even if you buy them second-hand.


Here is some further information on what to look out for when choosing EDC scissors.

Which scissors are best for cutting fabric?

When wanting to solely cut fabric, it’s best to go for scissors with serrated edges. The tiny zig-zag this will create when cutting the fabric will prevent it from fraying out.

The most commonly used scissors for fabric cutting are probably pinking scissors.

Should scissors be made of stainless steel or titanium?

When it comes to molecular structure, titanium is stronger than steel. Because of its structure, titanium is also extremely easy to sharpen and will keep the edge of the blade way longer from getting blunt. Therefore, titanium is not only the stronger but also the sharper option when buying scissors.

How do I choose a good pair of scissors?

First of all, they need to fulfill their actual purpose, so always make sure you are buying the scissors for what they are made for.

On top of that, a cheap pair might save you a few bucks but will definitely end up disappointing you when you need it the most, so invest in some good quality pair of scissors like the grown-up you are.

Secondly, the fit is incredibly important since you don’t want weirdly shaped finger loops to either not let your fingers through or cause you blisters from cutting for long with your scissors.

Lastly, the blade plays a huge role with these tools. So if you know what their purpose is, make sure the blade is made for this exact purpose. There is no point in buying a serrated blade when you want to cut through paper only.

Final Thoughts

Scissors are an underrated backup tool for when the going gets tough. They can literally cut you out of almost any situation and are sometimes more a multi-tool than just a pair of scissors.

Choosing the right materials and purpose for your EDC scissors is paramount, though, so it is best to take a few seconds and consider what you will need a pair for the most.

Now that we have walked you through what to look out for don’t cut the cost cause you will be missing out on quality and perhaps even double down on a pair, so you have them handy in more than one space.