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5 Best Chess Sets to Make This Winter A Little More Bearable

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Winter is tough. Sometimes, it’s just too cold to outside, and you have find some kind of interior entertainment to keep you busy. And while Netflix is great, games are even better. Instead of sitting around staring at the tube when the weather gets unbearable this winter, get a friend and play some chess. Chess has been around since the Middle Ages, and when it comes to stretching yourself and building logic and strategy skills, there’s really no better game. It literally makes you smarter, if that’s what you’re looking for. So, we’ve gone and rounded up a few of the best chess sets out there, so you can stay entertained when it’s too cold outside, and maybe even make yourself a little smarter in the process.

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Yellow Mountain Magnetic Travel Chess Set

This magnetic chess sets wins on to fronts; the magnets keep the chess pieces from falling off – handy if you’re on a car ride or on a train, for example – and it’s cheap. At 9.7” by 9.7” inches, it’s the perfect size for portability and taking with you wherever you go, but large enough to play comfortably. Also, the chess pieces look pretty sweet, too. If you find yourself on the go a lot, this is the chess set you need.

ambassador chess set_2

Ambassador European Chess Board Set

This beautiful chess set is a work of art – for a still very comfortable price. The pieces are all individually hand carved from hornbeam and sycamore wood, with incredible detail and finishing that makes them truly stand out. Felt bottoms keep the board from getting scuffed. The board itself is made of beech and birch wood, with an excellent, glossy paintjob. Storage drawers on the board keep it clean and neat. It’s a more permanent set than the travel one above, but is incredibly beautiful.


Hannibal Roman Chess Set

Wooden pieces are nice, sure.  But you want something unique. Something special. This chess set features brass and silver chess pieces in the likeness of Roman legionaries and Hannibal’s Army. It’s made in Italy, the pieces are hand finished, and the board is made of Italian Worm Wood. You can also choose from 2 additional board styles; one with a brass pedestal, and another leatherette cabinet. If you’re looking for luxury and elegance in your chess set, this is the one.

best chess set_1

Chess Royal European Handmade Chess Set

Another unique, handmade chess set, this one has pieces made of carved hornbeam and a folding birchwood board. As each piece is handcrafted, each is unique in its own way. It’s small and easy to stash away. And, it’s cheap too.


RadicalLn White and Gray Oceanic Chess Set

The set pieces in this beautiful chess set are made from handcrafted onyx, while the board is crafted of cut marble. The result is a strikingly unique, stunning board that makes a nice addition to your room. The board is 16” by 16”, but the pieces are luxuriously tall; the kings, for example, are 3.5” tall. A stately option that doesn’t cost quite as much as some other luxury sets.

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