If you like mountain biking in the winter, you are probably familiar with fat bikes. Sadly, bikes aren’t cheap. If you’re looking to add a high-end fat bike to your collection, you could easily be looking at a few thousand dollars. But if you’re on a budget, there are a few worthy choices out there. Our pick for the best budget fat bike is the Gravity BullsEye Monster.

But before we dive into the bike itself…why a fat bike? Simple, really. The larger the tire, the more surface area in contact with the ground. The more contact with the ground, the more control you get in wet, snowy, or even sandy conditions. Picture walking with snowshoes as opposed to just boots; your feet stay on top of the snow instead of punching in. You’ll roll over rocks, debris, and dirt with ease. You can even deflate or the tires in really soft snow for even more traction.

The Gravity BullsEye Monster is an exclusive from Bikes Direct. It’s constructed from a 6061 aluminum frame, which keeps it ultralight, and a chromoly steel fork. It’s much the same as it’s little brother, the Gravity DeadEye, but features a SRAM X4 2×8 drivetrain. It’s finished with Tektro Novela disc brakes, Vee Rubber Mission 26×4″ tires with a wire bead, and WTB Speed V Sport saddle. The chain is KMC Z-410 STEEL, while the hubs are black alloy with quick-release. All nice features in a bike of it’s price.

But the real draw to the BullsEye Monster, of course, is how affordable it is: at less than $600, it’s easily one of the most affordable fat bikes you’re going to find on a budget.  In fact, right now, you can get the 2018 BullsEye Monster for less than $500. It’s not as cheap as the DeadEye Monster, but you get a much better bike for the extra money.  Assembly is easy, and flying downhill and crunching snow on this bike is a breeze. If you’re looking to get started with fat biking without dropping a few grand, the BullsEye is our pick for the best budget fat bike for 2018.

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