When it comes to luxury sound, Bang and Olufsen know what they’re doing; the Play A1, for example, packs some serious sound into a pocket-sized portable speaker. Their latest creation, called the Beosound Edge, goes the opposite direction: big. It’s a full-size speaker in a perfect disc shape, made from shiny chrome with a black fabric front. It stands up on its side and literally rolls around the room, if you’d like it to, all the while delivering beautiful, crisp rich sound as you would expect from Bang and Olufsen. In fact, the rolling design serves as a giant volume control; built-in sensors, including a gyroscope and accelerometer, can tell when you’re rolling it, and it adjusts volume accordingly.

There’re more traditional methods of control, too; when you step close to the speaker, the touch controls on top activate, letting you skip, start, stop and everything else you need to do with your music. Bang and Olufsen calls it a speaker that “feels your presence.” You can also mount it on the wall, if you prefer.

In terms of sound, there is one 10-inch woofer, two dueling pairs of 4-inch drivers, and two .75” tweeters. We can only imagine it sounds as good as any other Bang and Olufsen design. Oh, and there’s 6” Class D amps.

If you’d like one, the Beosound Edge will set you back a decent $3500. But that’s a pretty small price to pay for something like this; it’ll be available this November. Let’s just hope it goes with the interior.

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