Main features of Bellroy Venture Sling:

  • Water-resistant woven fabric
  • 6L main compartment
  • Unobstructed, ultra-wide access
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap
  • Front zippered pocket with a key clip
  • Padded back and bottom
  • Expandable, self-compressing gusset
  • Affordable price

Didn’t you hear the 90s are back? If not, stand on a busy street and count how many sling bags you’ll see. Yes, the hipster cousin of the modern hip pack is back, and it’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon and got a stylish crossbody bag.

For example, the lightweight Bellroy Venture Sling Pack will meet most users’ needs because it combines excellent looks with impressive functionality. Since this model comes highly recommended, we had to check how it behaves on urban or outdoor expeditions. Here’s how.


Before focusing on the Venture sling and everything it offers, we should first say a few words about the actual company. After all, Bellroy is a highly successful Australian startup with customers worldwide.

Established in 2010, Bellroy now has its HQ in Melbourne, with a diverse team of people from more than 25 countries. Essentially, Bellroy is all about making premium bags, wallets, pouches, and mobile phone cases. The cool-looking Venture sling pack is an example of this philosophy.


No one knows for how long sling bags will be “in,” and that’s why joining the party in full swing is crucial. Yet, choosing the ideal model can be tricky because online retailers and land-based sellers offer an endless array of options.

So, to separate the best sling packs from the rest, consider the following elements:


First, start by assessing your needs and determining how many essentials you carry around during your daily adventures. Then, look for sling bags with suitable dimensions and volume to fit those gadgets and devices without hassle.


If you want a durable and dependable crossbody bag for frequent travels in the urban or outdoor environment, look at the materials and check the overall build quality. A well-designed sling pack will offer top-notch resistance to wear and tear. So, check the stitching, fabrics, and zippers to find a high-quality sling pack.


Besides being a reliable day-to-day carrier for your essentials, a sling pack should also offer maximum functionality and ease of use. Therefore, check the zippers and pockets to see if you can access everything without problems. Likewise, comfort is a priority, so look for sling bags with well-padded straps to reduce discomfort during long-distance walking.


Last but not least, we advise buyers to compare several models before purchasing. In other words, analyze their qualities and see which models offer the most value for the cost. This step will reduce the chances of overpaying for a low-quality sling pack, and it should nudge you in the right direction towards finding a top-quality bag.


We already said that Bellroy has over a decade of experience under its belt, so it’s not surprising to see a perfect formula and excellent craftsmanship while browsing their catalog. The Venture sling bag continues down the well-trodden path, focusing on effortless gear organization and unrivaled accessibility.

From what we’ve seen during the Venture sling bag review, this 6L model offers more than enough storage space for shorter outdoor trips or days around town. Plus, it looks trendy and modern as well.


As expected from this brand, Bellroy opted for high-quality fabrics for the Venture model. In addition, the recycled material is in line with the company’s policy to use recycled bottles and plant-based technologies.

Most importantly, the woven fabric is woven-resistant and durable. Likewise, it offers excellent breathability and flexibility. The Bellroy Venture sling pack weighs only 345 grams thanks to this lightweight material, ranking among the lightest sling bags in 2022.


Overall, the versatile Bellroy Venture sling pack offers a 6-liter capacity. The spacious main compartment can hold an average-sized water bottle or even a windbreaker jacket. At the same time, the expandable gusset can self-compress and create a low-profile bag for effortless carrying.

Of course, Bellroy’s intelligent pocketing helps organize your gear or EDC equipment. Aside from the main compartment, the Bellroy Venture sling pack also has a front zip pocket for storing smaller essentials. This compartment features a handy, built-in key clip.


In a way, sling packs are the middle ground between daypacks and your pockets. For that reason, these cross-body bags must be compact and low-profile while offering a decent storage space. The award-winning Venture sling from Bellroy meets these requirements because it has a sleek design and two spacious compartments.

On top of that, this sling pack features an adjustable shoulder strap for crossbody carrying. This method will keep the Venture sling close to the chest, allowing quick access to your smartphone or wallet. We also noticed two sturdy quick-release buckles for releasing the strap from both sides.

But, of course, the Bellroy Venture sling bag can also go around the waist, becoming a traditional fanny pack. This option could be ideal for slow walks around the urban environment, while over-the-shoulder carrying allows extra agility and mobility.


Although Bellroy is still a relatively new name, this brand has already attracted global attention. Thanks to premium craftsmanship and eye-catching designs, Bellroy’s products gain more and more followers daily. The same goes for the Bellroy Venture sling pack, a classic-looking sling bag with innovative features and high-quality materials.

The Venture model is not the cheapest sling bag, but it is worth every penny. Therefore, look no further if you need a compact and reliable pouch. Moreover, Bellroy offers five colors and two sizes, providing freedom to adjust the Venture sling pack to your style.