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Bellerby and Company Globemakers: You Won’t Find These in a Classroom

Bellerby and Company Globemakers

Worldwide exploration has captured mankind since the beginning of time. Have you ever walked into a room as been drawn to one of those floor-standing globes? You just want to spin it, touch the countries, imagine being in that location. Globe fascination is a given. So when Peter Bellerby needed a birthday gift for his 80-year-old father, Peter thought a globe would be perfect. The search for the perfect globe went on for two years. When Peter couldn’t find the perfect fit, he decided to make his own. Bellerby and Company Globemakers was born.

These globes aren’t the mass-produced type coming out of China. Each globe is handmade, taking up to 6 months to make each one. The globes are made of hollow plaster of Paris hemispheres which are glued together. Focus on map accuracy is paramount. The map details are created from contemporary maps that are customized and corrected using Adobe Illustrator. The maps are then printed onto paper gores and are hand painted. After they are glued onto the globe, they are coated in layers of resin. The globes are weighted so they come slowly to rest when spun. Globes vary in sizes from a desktop model to a recently completed 50-inch diameter model.

You won’t be able to just walk in and buy any globe. As a matter of fact, they have no walk-in storefront. Most of the globes made are custom ordered. Maybe you can get one at an auction. In 2014, a Bellerby globe went for $25,000 at a Sotheby’s auction.

Press and commissions have been abundant worldwide. Find out what the marvel is all about.



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